Getty-backed AI Image Generator BRIA Secures New Funding to Advance Ethical Visual Content Creation

Getty-backed AI Image Generator BRIA Secures New Funding to Advance Ethical Visual Content Creation

BRIA, an innovative AI image generator startup, has recently received fresh funding, bolstering its mission to provide ethically sourced and responsibly used AI tools for visual content creation. This development comes on the heels of a strategic partnership with Getty Images, marking a significant step forward in the responsible use of AI technology in the creative industries.

Key Highlights:

  • BRIA, an AI image generator backed by Getty Images, emphasizes ethical AI use, focusing on copyright respect, bias mitigation, and safe AI deployment.
  • The company’s platform offers enterprise-grade solutions for creating visuals for social media, ads, and e-commerce listings, leveraging partnerships with content providers for ethically sourced training data.
  • BRIA’s unique revenue-sharing model compensates creators based on the impact of their work on AI-generated images, promoting a responsible approach to generative AI.
  • A strategic partnership with Getty Images aims to integrate AI-powered features, enhancing creativity and efficiency for Getty’s users through responsible AI tools.

Getty-backed AI Image Generator BRIA Secures New Funding to Advance Ethical Visual Content Creation

BRIA’s approach to AI-generated imagery stands out for its emphasis on ethical considerations, including copyright respect, bias mitigation, and the promotion of diversity. The startup has developed a platform tailored for enterprises, designed to digitize and automate the complex process of creating visuals, thus addressing a significant challenge in the industry​​.

A cornerstone of BRIA’s model is its commitment to using authorized datasets for training its AI, sourced from partnerships with individual creators, media companies, and stock image repositories. This not only ensures compliance with copyright laws but also offers a revenue-sharing model that compensates contributors based on the impact of their work on the generated visuals​​.

BRIA’s revenue-sharing model is particularly noteworthy. By compensating creators based on the impact of their contributions to AI-generated images, BRIA introduces a fair and transparent mechanism that could serve as a blueprint for the industry. This model not only incentivizes participation by content creators but also ensures that they are fairly compensated for their contributions, addressing a critical gap in the current generative AI landscape.

The strategic partnership between BRIA and Getty Images could herald a new era of AI-powered visual content creation that respects copyright, encourages creativity, and ensures fair compensation for creators. This collaboration aligns with the broader industry trend towards more ethical and responsible AI use, highlighting the importance of such values in the development and deployment of AI technologies.

The collaboration with Getty Images represents a major endorsement of BRIA’s ethical stance and technological prowess. Through this partnership, Getty Images aims to launch AI-powered features that will allow users to access and create tailored visual content quickly and ethically, enhancing the creative capabilities of its vast user base​​​​.

The fresh funding and strategic partnership between BRIA and Getty Images underscore a growing recognition of the need for ethical considerations in the use of AI technology for creative purposes. BRIA’s focus on responsible AI deployment, combined with its innovative revenue-sharing model, sets a new standard for the industry, potentially paving the way for a more sustainable and ethical approach to AI-generated visual content. This collaboration not only enhances the capabilities of Getty’s platform but also signals a significant shift towards responsible AI use in the creative sectors, promising a future where technology empowers creativity without compromising ethical standards or copyright integrity.


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