Getting Good Marks in English Class 11

Getting good marks in English in class 11 can be an easy task provided the proper guidance and resources are available. If you are a CBSE student, NCERT Books Class 11 English will be really helpful for you. In CBSE there is no separate paper for literature and grammar. But you have to keep in mind that it is not a subject where you can excel and get good marks within a day. If you think English is an easy language, you still have to devote a proper amount of time, like at least a month before the exam. This article can provide you with a gist along with some important points that should be noted while preparing for the English exam.

Some points that should be noted

  1. As every subject requires its basics to be cleared, so does English. You must have your basic knowledge about grammar and its usage cleared. Proper resources like the High school English Grammar of Wren and Martin can be used. This book will make your grammar strong, it has explanations about the topic along with some examples to help you with the usage. After that, they have also provided a great number of exercises to practice so that you get a better idea about the topic. 
  2. Another way to master this amazing language is to inculcate it in your day-to-day speaking. It will help you to improve your oratory skills and also boost your confidence to face the public. While doing so your grammar and the usage of words will improve which can be beneficial for your exam. This Is because all they will see is how well you use words to get to the answers and your flow of words. Sometimes it happens that we know the exact answer that has to be written but we lack words and so don’t know how to express the answers. While performing the above-mentioned task this weakness can be removed.  
  3. You can also make a small diary in which you can write a few new words daily and make sure that you use them in your vocabulary on that particular day so that you won’t forget them. 
  4. You should also try to include reading books in your daily activity. If you have never read books as a hobby apart from the regular textbooks then you can start by reading just 50 pages daily. Pick a time that you are most comfortable with and try to read the pages at that particular time daily. If you try this for a few weeks then you will get an interest in reading and then you can increase the number of pages as you like. 
  5. Newspaper reading is a habit that must be included, you get to know more new words and they should be used. This will increase your vocabulary.

Tips for the class 11 English exam

Now moving from the ways to improve your vocabulary and learn the proper usage of words, let us look specifically to the Class 11 English final exam part. Some of the points mentioned above and also those mentioned below can be used in order to score 90 above.

  • This point is applicable to all the examinations that first go through the entire syllabus to get an idea as to where do you stand and how much time of devotion is required for securing good results. Then after that, you can strategize your plan accordingly. 
  • Start practising the comprehension and essay writing part either from the previous year’s papers or from the internet that can be easily downloaded. 
  • For the literature part, start reading the chapter and make small notes or summaries at the end of each paragraph. This will help you remember what the author was actually trying to say.
  • Make sure you learn all the meaning behind the poems. All types of metaphors that are used or the rhyming scheme used should be memorized. 
  • You will be able to get good marks in the literature section if you start a little earlier so that you have enough time to go through all the chapters and make a gist out of it. Chapters are generally easy but you have to work a little more with the poems. 
  • Now comes the writing section, in this start by remembering the formats of all the different types of writing skills that are in your syllabus. 
  • At least write a few writing exercises on a daily basis so that you get a proper idea as to what words should be used where and how the sentences should be formed in order to make them more appealing. 
  • The newspaper part mentioned above not only helps you learn new words for your vocabulary but also keeps you updated. All this information might be helpful while writing an essay. You can also write a quote at the beginning of an essay that is related to the topic. All this will give your essay an upper hand hence will help you gain additional marks. 
  • All the sections of English should be given equal importance so that you can gain a good score that is above 90.


It might seem that English is a subject in which marks can be easily achieved, but it is wrong that proper time and attention need to be devoted to the subject. All the sections will become easy with practice, especially the reading and writing section can be practised with the help of previous year questions. Make small notes and try to know all the meaning behind each line in a poem. In poems direct questions do not come, they can be in between the lines. Increasing the vocabulary and proper usage of words can be very helpful during essay writing, in this regard newspaper reading will also be very helpful. This article some of the points that you might not have been using till now, by using them will surely increase your chances of getting 90 plus in your class 11 examination.