Get Ready to Dock Again: Nintendo Switch 2 Rumors Point to 2024 Launch and $400 Price Tag

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For millions of gamers, the Nintendo Switch has become a beloved companion, effortlessly transforming from living room console to on-the-go haven. But as the hybrid device enters its seventh year, whispers of a successor are growing louder. Industry analysts and tech sleuths alike are pointing towards a 2024 launch for the much-anticipated “Switch 2,” potentially accompanied by a $400 price tag.

Key Highlights:

  • Nintendo Switch successor potentially arriving in 2024.
  • $400 price point predicted by industry analysts.
  • Improved hardware capabilities expected,┬ábut full details remain under wraps.
  • Backward compatibility a major question mark for fans.
  • New console could breathe new life into the wildly successful Switch platform.

switch 2 predicted to arrive in 2024 with a 400 price

While Nintendo has remained characteristically tight-lipped about any official plans, Dr. Serkan Toto, a renowned Kantan Games analyst and Nintendo expert, recently predicted the Switch 2’s arrival later this year. This aligns with murmurs surfacing throughout 2023, including reports of a dev kit showcasing the console’s capabilities to developers at Gamescom.

Details about the Switch 2’s specs and features remain shrouded in secrecy. However, speculation suggests a focus on internal hardware upgrades rather than revolutionary new functionalities. Improved processing power, enhanced graphics fidelity, and potentially larger storage capacity are among the rumored enhancements.

Backward compatibility, a crucial concern for Switch owners with extensive libraries, hangs in the balance. While analysts like Toto express hope for seamless compatibility, concrete confirmation from Nintendo is absent.

The $400 price tag prediction, if accurate, falls slightly above the original Switch’s launch price of $299. This could reflect the anticipated hardware improvements, but also raises questions about potential changes to game pricing. Dr. Toto predicts a possible shift towards $70 price points for major Switch 2 titles.

The Switch 2’s launch could significantly impact the gaming landscape, potentially influencing pricing strategies and hardware advancements from competitors like Sony and Microsoft.

Despite the lack of official information, the prospect of a Switch 2 has undeniably ignited excitement within the gaming community. The original Switch has enjoyed phenomenal success, selling over 122 million units as of March 2023. It’s no surprise then that gamers eager for more powerful experiences and potentially groundbreaking titles are eagerly awaiting Nintendo’s next move.

While the exact timing and specifics of the Switch 2’s arrival remain to be seen, one thing is certain: the iconic hybrid console’s journey is far from over. With a potential 2024 launch and exciting upgrade possibilities on the horizon, the next chapter for the Switch promises to be a captivating one for both Nintendo and its devoted fanbase.


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