George Kittle’s Wife Claire Unveils Super Bowl Seating Plan in Candid Chat with Kelly Stafford

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As the San Francisco 49ers gear up for a monumental Super Bowl LVIII clash against the Kansas City Chiefs, the spotlight isn’t solely on the players but extends to their significant others who play crucial roles behind the scenes. In an engaging conversation, Claire Kittle, the dynamic wife of 49ers’ star tight end George Kittle, and Kelly Stafford, married to quarterback Matthew Stafford, delved into the intricacies of Super Bowl seating arrangements, among other topics, offering a glimpse into the lives of NFL families during the sport’s biggest event.

Key Highlights:

  • Claire Kittle reveals their Super Bowl LVIII seating plan during a conversation with Kelly Stafford.
  • The discussion highlights the challenges and excitements faced by NFL families during the Super Bowl.
  • Insight into the personal and supportive roles spouses play in the athletes’ careers.

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A Blend of Support and Strategy

Claire Kittle, alongside Kelly Stafford, unveiled the seating strategy for the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII, expressing excitement and a touch of logistical concern inherent to such a grand event. The conversation, rich with personal insights and shared experiences, underscored the significance of family and support systems in the high-stakes environment of professional sports.

A Closer Look at Claire Kittle

George Kittle’s Foundation of Support

Claire Kittle, not just a spectator but a pillar in George’s life, boasts an impressive background as a former University of Iowa women’s basketball player and a passionate advocate for fitness and wellness. Her journey from a college athlete to a personal trainer and social media influencer showcases a multifaceted personality dedicated to health, fitness, and supporting her husband’s NFL career.

A Marriage Forged in College

The love story of George and Claire Kittle is one of mutual growth and shared dreams. Meeting during their freshman year at the University of Iowa, their relationship blossomed from friendship to a deep, supportive partnership, culminating in their marriage in 2019. This journey from college sweethearts to life partners highlights the strength and resilience of their bond.

Facing Challenges Together

The Kittles’ journey hasn’t been without its trials, as Claire shared the heart-wrenching experience of an ectopic pregnancy in 2023. This moment, though profoundly challenging, underscored the importance of support, resilience, and open dialogue on personal hardships, further solidifying their bond and commitment to each other.


The candid conversation between Claire Kittle and Kelly Stafford sheds light on the unseen aspects of Super Bowl preparations that extend beyond the field, focusing on family, support, and personal challenges. George Kittle’s pursuit of Super Bowl glory is rooted in a foundation of unwavering support from Claire, whose own achievements and challenges enrich the narrative of an NFL family’s journey through the pinnacle of American football.

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