Ways to Increase Your Social Media Followers Ways to Increase Your Social Media Followers

8 Genuine Ways to Increase Your Social Media Followers

In the recent years, we have come a long way, from blackboards to white computer screen, from glasses to Google glasses, from feelings to feedback. Thanks to all the technological advancements! Human has always felt the thrift for approval.

In good olden days, our status was judged by the possession of some luxury goods, to mention ‘money, bungalow, car and mother’ that has flashily being replaced by the number of followers on various social media.

Once upon a time, my friend asked me how to delete her Instagram account a few days back just since she did not have enough followers.

1. Be Yourself:

People, in the desperation of gaining attention start following everything that is going around them. Don’t do this. Form an opinion and stick to it. Realize that you are human not sheep. Be ready to say no standing among a group of people saying yes.

Just Remember This Rule: All the people you come across in social media are PEOPLE.

2. Speak In The First Person Reference:

Confidence is the key. Confidence never implies writing a sickening quote with hashtags #attitude #dope #irock #Mr.Famous. Instead if I may say, it is exactly the opposite of that. Here is a simple trick, refer yourself as the first person, use I and we more than generalizing your statement. Speak for yourself.

3. Know Your Social Media:

There is a golden rule: Facebook is for weekends, Twitter is for weekdays and Instagram is for dinner outs and vacation. According to this schedule, you can mark your presence on respective media by asking the questions and sharing posts.

4. What To Post on Social Media:

It is simple. Post something that you would want to read. If you are still not sure, then you always have the option of sharing other people’s content that you find interesting. But not the current news or Bigg Boss updates that are already flooding your feeds.

Even if you are posting your photos, spend a minute on them to make them presentable and try not to be repetitive. Does not matter whether you are a selfie queen or not, always try different poses and surroundings in your photos.

5. A Friend Whom You Feed Will Do You A Deed:

Maintain a give and take relationship. I am sure that many of us already have those random Facebook friends with whom we have only one relation ‘Like’ship. Always respond to people who comment on your photos and engage them.

6. Stay Updated:

Genuine Ways to Increase Your Social Media Followers

All the major social media keeps adding tiny functions that can make a huge difference to our everyday experiences. Tagging people, adding appropriate hashtags will always help more people to reach you.

The use of hashtags has increased prominently on Facebook too. Some of the popular tags for gaining followers are, #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like), etc.

To know your Instagram audience, go into your settings and click the gear icon in the upper right of your screen. Click ‘Find and Invite friends’, and then ‘Suggested Users‘.

Make sure to go to your Facebook setting after installing the add-on to enable the extension.

Well, of course, it’s not real but they do offer an option of sharing your creativity with your Twitter audience. Have healthy fun.

7. Optimize Your Social Media Appearance:

Post all the necessary information about yourself and make your account appealing enough. Keep the intro short yet informative. Since introduction is the first things your perspective followers will know about you.

If you are confused, you can perform a little exercise. Just sit with a paper and write down first five words that suit your personality.

8. Magic Tricks To Increase Social Media Followers:

  • Research believes that liking random snaps on Instagram will multiply your followers by digits. I have personally tried liking celebrities’ snap for a week, and it helps to increase the followers. Steps to Link Instagram Account to Facebook Timeline: Go to Settings > Linked Accounts > Facebook > Fill in your Facebook details.
  • Always try to connect various networks. Create your small web and interconnect your accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, Tinder, Google+. It works like wonder, trust me. Steps to Link Quora to Facebook: Go to your profile and click on Settings > Connect to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress > Sign into your respective accounts.
  • Follow popular people and share their content on your wall. If you get a chance, don’t hesitate to get clicked with a celebrity. And relentlessly post it.
  • Combine multiple photos in one. Research show that they receive a maximum amount of engagement.
  • Captions matter as much as photos itself. In the caption, ask relevant questions or suggest them to comment their experience on the same topic.
  • Maintain a balance by sharing comic, political (Don’t mention names, speaking from experience), latest, inspirational content.
  • Share your hobbies with the world through photos.
  • Create Facebook pages if your particular kind of content is getting appreciated and receiving a proper audience.
  • Be consistent. Once you gain followers, try to keep up the pace and keep uploading the contents and posts.
  • Participate in group discussion and join various groups on Facebook, according to your interest. Keep everyone updated on the activities happening in your vicinity.