Gemini Advanced Struggles with Coding Tasks, ChatGPT Excels

Gemini Advanced Struggles with Coding Tasks, ChatGPT Excels

Recent tests reveal weaknesses in Google’s premium AI language model, Gemini Advanced. In several basic coding challenges, Gemini Advanced failed to provide accurate or useful solutions, while its competitor ChatGPT consistently succeeded. This raises questions about the capabilities of Google’s AI and the justification for its $20/month price tag.

Key Highlights

  • Gemini Advanced, Google’s paid AI service, underperforms in coding tests.
  • ChatGPT demonstrates clear superiority in generating code solutions.
  • The results highlight potential limitations in Gemini Advanced’s coding abilities.
  • The findings may impact user choices between AI language models.

Gemini Advanced Struggles with Coding Tasks, ChatGPT Excels


AI language models are revolutionizing various industries, and coding is one area where they show promise. While still imperfect, models like ChatGPT have demonstrated the ability to write basic code, fix errors, and even suggest improvements to existing scripts.

Google’s Gemini Advanced, the paid counterpart to its free Bard model, is marketed as a more advanced and capable AI assistant. However, recent tests by tech experts suggest the premium model may not yet live up to the hype when it comes to coding.

Gemini Advanced vs. ChatGPT

Where Gemini Advanced’s code outputs were often flawed and unusable, ChatGPT produced more viable code. ChatGPT also provided clearer explanations of concepts and successfully identified the bug in the troubleshooting task.

The Tests

Tests conducted by technology journalist David Gewirtz (and others) involved simple coding tasks like:

  • WordPress Plugin Creation: Generating the code for a functional WordPress plugin.
  • String Manipulation: Rewriting basic string manipulation functions.
  • Bug Identification: Helping to locate and troubleshoot a programming error.

Gemini Advanced’s Performance

Unfortunately, Gemini Advanced’s responses to these coding prompts were often incorrect, incomplete, or unhelpful. The AI struggled with providing accurate syntax and understanding fundamental programming concepts essential for completing the tasks.

ChatGPT’s Success

In contrast, ChatGPT generally outperformed Gemini Advanced in these same coding challenges. It generated more usable code, offered better explanations of its solutions, and was even able to pinpoint the bug in the troubleshooting test.

Why the Discrepancy?

It’s unclear why Gemini Advanced falters in these areas, especially given its more advanced capabilities. Possible explanations include differences in training data, model architecture, or Google’s focus on other AI application areas outside of pure code generation.


This news may raise concerns for users looking to leverage AI for programming tasks. While Gemini Advanced certainly offers benefits in other areas of language processing, its limitations for coding are worth considering, especially when compared to the success of ChatGPT. The results could impact how developers and businesses choose between various AI tools for programming assistance.

AI language models have immense potential, but the discrepancies between Gemini Advanced and ChatGPT highlight they’re still under development. While a perfect AI coder may be a way off, the ability of models like ChatGPT to complete basic coding tasks is an impressive step. As these tools mature, we can expect further evolution and potential shifts in how software is developed.

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