Gearbest Xiaomi Deals: Xiaomi products on discount at spring sale

If you are a fan of Xiaomi’s quality products and the affordability of it, then this week could be the best for you. Gearbest is offering an exclusive spring sale which only features Xiaomi products; smartphones, tablets, smart wearable and more gadgets you haven’t heard of. These are the best deals from Gearbest which you can grab for you and get yourself gadget-ready. Here are some deals which you should get your hands on right now!

Xiaomi Mi5s ($274.99)

If you want to upgrade your smartphone, then this is the best time to do that. Xiaomi Mi5s is on its lowest price possible; it comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, 3GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory. The display is 5.15 inches Full HD and the camera on this one is 12 MP with dual LED flash and 4 MP front facing camera. The smartphone is powered by a 31oo mAh battery which is enough for a 5.15 inches smartphone.

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Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop ($499.99)

Xiaomi created some fo the best smartphones and when Xiaomi saw an opportunity in making ultrabooks, Xiaomi gave its best and the result is fantastic. The Xiaomi Air Laptop is the best ultrabook in this price range; it comes with the Intel Core M3 processor which performs perfectly with the 4GB DDR3 RAM.

It comes with integrated Intel graphics with HDMI out so you can extend the display to the external screen. The internal storage is a 128 GB SSD with super fast read and writes operations. It comes with USB Type C for data transfer and charging. The build quality is impressive and it is the lightest ultrabook with this price tag.

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Xiomi MI TV Box ($93.79)

Have you thought that the entertainment on television would be so easy; you just have to attach a box to it, connect to the internet and done. Well, it also gets cheaper with Xiaomi Mi TV Box, it is an Android 6.0 Marshmallow Tv Box which you can connect to your regular television and make it smart.

It comes with a 2.0 GHz quad-core processor paired with 2GB RAM for the best processing power. You can install apps and games on its 8GB internal memory and play them using a gamepad. With HDMI out, you can connect this TV Box to any display with HDMI port and it can support display up to 4K resolution

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Xiaomi Headphones 2nd Gen ($99.55)

Who doesn’t use headphones every day? I mean I can’t live without them even for one day. If this is the same situation with you, then you should not miss this deal from Xiaomi. These 2nd generation headphones look amazing with the golden color and the cups; headband had a nice cushioning on it.

These are wired headphones with 3.4 mm interface and 1.4-meter long cable. Made of metal, these earphones do come with a pouch bag to keep them from scratches. If you are really into headphones and earphones, then you should not miss this deal.

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These were some of the best deals from Gearbest which you can grab till it lasts. If you want to know about all the deals, then go to the official Gearbest website Xiaomi offers page here. These were not the only gadgets there; you might also be interested in some other devices like a wireless router, an electric kettle, a rice cooker or a folding electric scooter.


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