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Gatekeeper Chain Review: Works as advertised, but still needs some performance improvements

The whole idea behind the GateKeeper Chain is simple, convenient, and secure unlocking and locking of your PC. It’s a portable, wearable keychain that locks your computer when you walk away and unlocks it when you come back.

It comes with a wireless lock & key that uses Bluetooth technology to gauge how far away are you from your PC and automatically locks it. The GateKeeper Chain is designed to help you lock and unlock your PC without any hassles. This handy device will unlock or lock your Windows or Mac PC without the need for you to put in your password.

For instance, we constantly get dragged into meetings or want to grab a cup of coffee, and we’re mostly moving back and forth from our desks.

Hence, the GK chain makes that task of automatically locking your PC at ease. Let’s see how the GK Chain performed during the course of our review. More importantly, does it work as advertised, and actually locks the computer.

Box Contents:

  • GateKeeper Chain Bluetooth tracker
  • USB key
  • Key Chain
  • coin cell battery

Usage and Performance

The GateKeeper Chain comes with a USB key that plugs into your PC (Windows and Mac compatible). It also comes with a key chain which uses Bluetooth connectivity to track how far you are from your PC. It has a range of 0-100ft and automatically unlocks your PC if you’re near it. Get further away from the range, automatically and your PC locks.

I used it with my Windows PC and it actually worked as advertised. Pairing the device is easy as well, and it locks and unlocks the device consistently for the part. Just download the Gatekeeper app on your Windows or Mac from the official GateKeeper website, follow the instructions and you’re good to go. It also comes with a simple app that adds an added layer of security and alerts you in case your keys get swiped.

That said, things get a little tricky at first. For instance, when I put the device in my pocket, and my laptop was rather nearby. Even at this range, it has a tendency to automatically disconnect, which means you get logged out at times. Its performance also gets affected by other Bluetooth devices paired with your PC.

But once you get a feel of the device and figure out the range, it rather works as advertised. The software looks clean and minimalistic.


works well for the most part
Comes with several security features 2-factor authentication
can also be used as a key finder


fails to detect range at times
consumes too much battery

Wrap Up

Overall, the GateKeeper Chain does make the job easy of securely locking your PC while unattended. In our daily lives, we are in the process of constantly locking and unlocking our computer. And this device helps you automatically lock and unlock your PC without much hassle. It can also be used as a key finder or tracker if you have it on your keys and your laptop/computer is in Bluetooth range.

It works well for the most part but there are cases when it fails to detect when you walk away or towards your computer. It still needs some fine tuning and hopefully, the company rolls out updates to improve the overall performance and functionality of the device.