Garmin Releases New Smartwatch Beta Update to Address Battery Drain Concerns

Garmin Releases New Smartwatch Beta Update to Address Battery Drain Concerns

In a recent move to tackle the growing concern over battery life issues, Garmin has introduced a beta update for its smartwatches. This update aims at resolving the unexpected battery drain that numerous users reported, significantly impacting the user experience and the performance of Garmin’s renowned fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Key Highlights:

  • The update specifically targets the battery drain issue reported by users.
  • It includes a fix for the Fenix 7 series and Epix (gen 2), with a particular focus on improving battery life post-discharge.
  • A broader concern with version 9.36 of the Fenix 7 software led to a noticeable decrease in battery life, prompting this update.
  • Other Garmin models, including the Venu/Vivoactive 4 series, Venu Sq 2, the first edition of Venu Sq, and vivomove Sport, also receive software updates aimed at enhancing functionality and system stability.

Garmin Releases New Smartwatch Beta Update to Address Battery Drain Concerns

Garmin, a leading name in the world of smartwatches and fitness trackers, is known for its reliable and long-lasting battery performance. However, recent reports from users experiencing a significant drop in battery life after the version 9.36 update of the Fenix 7 software have led the company to release a beta update, version 9.37, in hopes of rectifying this issue​​.

Addressing Battery Drain: A Closer Look

The battery drain issue reported by users varied significantly, with some noting a 25% decrease in battery life within a single day. This problem was not uniform, as some users experienced more significant drains during activities, while others noticed it during periods of inactivity. This variability made pinpointing the exact cause challenging, but Garmin’s swift response with the beta update indicates their commitment to maintaining the high performance and reliability of their devices.

The Beta Update and Its Implications

The primary focus of the beta update is to fix the issue causing increased battery drain following disconnection from a charger. For the Epix (gen 2) users, an additional update addresses potential issues with the Always On display feature inadvertently turning off. While it’s still early days to conclusively determine the effectiveness of the update in fully resolving the battery drain issue, Garmin’s proactive approach has been well-received by its user base​​.

Broader Software Updates for Garmin Devices

In addition to addressing the battery drain concern, Garmin has also rolled out updates for other devices in its lineup. These updates range from iterative changes for the Venu/Vivoactive 4 series, in beta as a Release Candidate, to the first update for the newly released Venu Sq 2, introducing more watch face options and support for activity alert settings. These updates highlight Garmin’s ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience and device functionality across its product range​​.

A Step Forward in Customer Satisfaction

Garmin’s swift response to the battery drain issue underscores its dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence. By addressing the problem head-on with a beta update and continuing to enhance the functionality of its broader product lineup, Garmin demonstrates its commitment to not only resolving immediate concerns but also to the continuous improvement of its devices. This approach not only helps maintain the trust and loyalty of its existing customer base but also reinforces Garmin’s position as a leading brand in the competitive smartwatch and fitness tracker market.

In this era where digital wearables are integral to our daily lives, Garmin’s proactive measures in addressing concerns and enhancing device functionality exemplify the brand’s dedication to quality and customer care. The recent beta update is a testament to Garmin’s responsive approach to user feedback and its unwavering commitment to maintaining the high standards that users have come to expect. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Garmin’s focus on innovation, coupled with its emphasis on addressing user concerns, positions it well for continued success in the competitive world of smartwatches and fitness trackers.


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