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Best Gaming Mouse for power gamer in budget price segment

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse

A good gaming mouse is an essential tool that every gamer needs. It is true that at the end of the day it is the skills of the gamer that matter the most, and if you have skills then you can probably play better with a cheaper general purpose mouse.

But, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that if you game for too long then you need to make sure that you have maximum comfort and the little extra edge that this mouse will provide you will also be very welcome if you are an ardent gamer.

Apart from comfort, the gaming mouses also help in increasing general precision, DPI and the extra buttons will definitely help by providing easy access to functionalities like quickly drawing, changing weapons and other gaming related actions like that.

Five Best Gaming Mouse For Avid Gamers

Here is a list of the best gaming mouse. Please note that this list is no particular order of preference, these are some of the best picks.

1. Trigger T-32 Laser Gaming Mouse

Trigger T-32 Laser Gaming Mouse

This is an entry level gaming mouse that provides good performance in terms of aiming precision and speed. It has got five very durable programmable buttons that can be used for various purposes. The mouse fits snuggly in the hand, and the ragged rubber finish makes the grip super efficient.

2. Dragon War Thor Blue Gaming Mouse

Dragon War Thor Blue Gaming Mouse

The Dragon War Thor Blue gaming mouse is a piece of art. Pretty affordable, the design and the feel of this mouse feel and look much premium than its actual cost.

In total this mouse has eight programmable buttons, gold plated USB connectors and pretty cool LED lights that make the mouse look amazing in the dark.



This mouse is pretty simple when it comes to the looks department, but it has pretty amazing grip and the 2500 DPI makes it an amazing headshot taking tool.




This is probably one of the oldest and the most popular gaming mouse in the whole list. This mouse has nine programmable buttons that can be used for giving that extra advantage to you in the game.

Overall, the precision of this mouse is pretty amazing, so you can use it for other purposes too other than gaming. What more? You can configure seven different profiles and also assign to them different colors so that you can easily identify the profile you are using at the moment.

5. Razer DeathAdder

Well, the beast is the best way to describe this mouse. With 6400 DPI sensitivity, five programmable buttons, and a solid grip, this mouse is a gaming freaks dream tool.

Further, this device also provides surface calibration along with giving you the option to choose X and Y axis sensitivity that best suits you.

Overall it all comes down to the gamer. An inexperienced player using top end gaming mouse will do no good. Personally, I suggest going for the Razer DeathAdder if it fits into your budget, if not, then give DragonWar a try. So gamers! Buckup! Get you game up!

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