GALAX introduces HOF Black Edition Mechanical Keyboard in India for pro gamer. It uses Cherry MX mechanical switch, RGB lighting effect, media control and designed for comfortable typing and extensive gaming. This keyboard is available on Amazon for Rs. 7000 INR, it carries three years warranty.

GALAX HOF Black Edition keyboard uses Cherry MX mechanical keyboards with 50 million keystrokes. It lasts long and provide a stable long term usage without stuttering and showing any lag. The chassis is made of the anodized black color aluminum plate for incredible looks. The powerful per-key RGB backlighting on the HOF keyboard provides bold white lighting so it can illuminate every key perfectly and provide better visuals while gaming. This keyboard supports 112 lighting effects using the dedicated software and supports 88 without the software.

It has fully programmable Macro keys which can be programmed as you want and set up to trigger a macro function. The keyboard provides full control over music with the media controls on function keys. It also comes with a roller on the side which controls the volume and two more dedicated keys beside it.

HOF keyboard supports anti-ghosting, so it doesn’t matter how fast you press the keys, the keyboard will identify the pattern correctly and send the signals to the PC. It also comes with some connectivity options that includes two USB 2.0 ports to conveniently connect your flash drives and hard drives to PC and audio port (audio in and out) so you can connect your headphones while gaming to the keyboard. It also comes with magnetic wrist pad for a comfortable long hour gaming session.