Fans of the military themed G. I. Joe franchise are in for a treat, the G.I. Joe: War on Cobra is now available as a game that you can play on your Android or iOS devices.

The game happens to be the handiwork of Emerald City Games and has been published by D3 Go!. Of course, HASBRO too is in the loop and all of this has led to the creation of a rather impressive list of heroes and villains that get to fight each other out in a whole new domain.

Needless to say, each side is backed by their own armies complete with an array of vehicles and deadly weaponry including, but not limited to turrets, sea mines, armed troops and heavy artillery. You will have to be prepared to take on your enemies anytime and anywhere, be it land, air or in sea.

The game itself is one where you need to devise the perfect strategy to take the battle to the enemy camp. You also have the choice to fight for the side whom you idolise. For instance, if you wish to be seen as the ultimate saviour of the planet earth and help the Joes in preventing the world from descending into utter chaos, you got to be on the side of the Joes.

But then, there is no stopping you to show off your might if you wish to. In other words, you can join forces with the Cobra as well and try and dominate the world at large. That way, you have the chance to conquer the whole world as well, but only if you can outgun and outwit the Joes in the process. In other words, it is you who is going to decide whether you’d like to be seen as the saviour or the conqueror of the world.

What has made the game all the more realistic is the presence of some of the most iconic characters of the series. Those include Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Storm Shadow, along with plenty more. All you have to do is join the battle in the Silent Strike and the Shadow and Death Event so that you can unlock Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow.

If all of this has already set your pulse racing as a true fan of the G. I. Joe series, you know where to head to with your smartphones.