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FuzzMe! App Review – Now share photos with others without worrying!

Applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Snapchat have introduced to us different forms of connecting with our friends and family through the internet. Using any of these applications, people can easily send text messages, photos, videos, etc., to any of their contacts without any hassles.

If you think about it, even though there are very few applications that offer true security and privacy while sharing photos. Photos by itself can be a very interesting mode of communication between friends and family.

However, most people are very much concerned about the privacy and security while sharing photos through applications, which is completely understandable considering the number of stories we regularly read about photos being hacked and published online without consent.

For those searching for an application that allows users to share photos with their contacts in a completely secure and private manner, then the FuzzMe! Application for Android and iOS is the answer.

If you haven’t heard about FuzzMe! yet, then it is because the application was initially only available in France and has now expanded its services to the United States as well. Pretty soon FuzzMe! will be made available to the rest of the world.

To give you a better understanding of the application, today we are here with a detailed review of the FuzzMe! application.

FuzzMe! Review

Just like its unique name, FuzzMe! is an application that is aiming to provide users with a unique experience in communicating and having fun with their friends.

FuzzMe! is the only application out there that are specially designed to share photos in a private and secure way.

To begin with, your phone number is all that is required to start with the application. You can even skip having a username if you are better without it.

YouTube Link (Tuto FuzzMe !)

Each photo that you share with your friends is blurred out completely initially. When the receiver opens the message, they have to unblur the photo by pressing and dragging their finger through the photo. While unblurring, only 10% of the photo is revealed at once and the moment the finger is lifted off the display, the photo becomes invisible to the receiver.

Moreover, the application blocks any attempt to take a screenshot even if the user has their finger on the photo.

Photos can directly be captured while using the FuzzMe! app or you can also choose a photo from your device’s gallery. If you wish to add text messages to the photos while sending them, you can do that as well.

Even if the receiver does not open the photos, it only lasts for 24 hours in their inbox after which they are automatically deleted. Photos that are either viewed or expired are also deleted from the FuzzMe! servers so that there is no other way to recover the photos.

Also, the senders can know when a receiver opens the photo sent by them and even know exactly how many seconds the receiver viewed the photo for.

To top off all the features, the FuzzMe! application is completely free to download, install, and run on Android and iOS devices. There are also no advertisements shown within the application, which further enhances the user experience of the application.

Final Words

To conclude, the FuzzMe! application is a fun way to communicate with your friends by sharing photos. With all the security and privacy-oriented features of the application, you can be very much sure that the photos you share through FuzzMe! are not misused in any manner.

Hope you found this review informative. If you are already using the FuzzMe! application on your device, then do share your experience as a comment below.


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