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From Bingo to Scratchcards – The Classic Pastimes seeing an Online Resurgence

The world of video gaming is in rude health at the moment and it is fair to say that the future is looking pretty bright too. Countless surveys and reports have highlighted how mobile gaming is going from strength to strength, while fresh innovations like Google Stadia have provided a fascinating glimpse into a future without consoles.

However, while the gaming industry always seems to be looking forward, it is interesting now and then to consider the past as well. Long before consoles and other technology, some more traditional forms of gaming ruled the world – and many of them seem to be coming back into fashion once again.

Old-school hits in the digital space

Games of all forms and genres seem to have found a place both online and on mobile in recent times, with some iconic pastimes from years gone by managing to thrive alongside more modern experiences.

But if you’re looking to enjoy something from the old-school, what are the key classics that you can now enjoy in the digital space? Here we talk a look at some exciting – and surprising – activities which have seen a resurgence in recent years.


A gaming classic once synonymous with nights out and socialising, bingo has enjoyed plenty of success since its move online. According to figures from the UK Gambling Commission, the gross gambling yield for remote bingo services between October 2018 and September 2019 stood at a massive £198 million. The figure equates to an increase of 12.5 percent when compared to the period from April 2018 to March 2019.

Online platforms have opened up new possibilities for the game, as sites offer many different takes on bingo. Some may vary simply by the number of balls they use, while others could have a completely different theme. This has created a wide amount of choice for players and may well be a key reason why the game continues to do so well in the 21st century.


Like bingo, scratchcards are so strongly associated with the offline world that it is strange to think that they could thrive in the online space. After all, the pastime is all about physically scratching off a layer to reveal the icons or numbers underneath.

However, the scratchcard is another concept that has been reborn online, with Paddy Power’s page on scratch card bingo highlighting how they operate in a similar way to the offline classic. For example, players simply use a mouse or mobile device to reveal the symbols and discover if they have won. The site also highlights how online scratchcards tend to have many different themes, with its selection including Deal or No Deal Quick Scratch, Ruby Walsh Scratch, and Footy Frenzy 10K Scratch.

Board games

The likes of Monopoly and Scrabble have been adapted into mobile gaming through the years and in recent months there has been a surge in people wanting to play classic games online.

board games

Source: Pixabay

A study by uSwitch found there has been a notable increase in Google searches related to online versions of board games, with searches for ‘Trivial Pursuit online’ apparently increasing by 1,608 percent from February to April. Pictionary also saw a 1,275 percent increase in searches, while interest in Cluedo was also found to be up 662 percent.

Classic entertainment

Considering the range of gaming experiences now on offer online, it is remarkable to see how there remains a huge amount of interest in many traditional pastimes.

The fact that such activities have endured is perhaps a testament to the entertainment they provide, and it will be fascinating to see if they can build on their popularity in the years ahead.

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