The increase in number of rape cases have raised an issue of safety into the public domain. It has made travelling in the night, especially for women harder and creepier. But all is not vanished yet; there is an app, which is obstinate to win back the lost hope and security of the daily travelers.

A Delhi-based start-up company, Smartube Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. has developed and launched “FrndiNeed” – an app that mainly focus on travelling with friends all the time and not on your own or with cab drivers. And for doing this you don’t have to call every single friend and ask for their location. The app cleverly detects the nearest friends to your location and permits you to chat with them or poke them to plan a ride together or even plan a Meet Up.

FrndiNeed is a publicly enabled app that comforts in utilizing your geo-location to make every day travel flatter, safer and economically doable. The app is pronounced as “Friend-in-Need.” Users can also use additional features including Packing Planner and press the SOS tab for help in serious situations.

Smartube Entertainment, CEO & Founder – Kunal Kishore Sinha said, “In today’s inter-connected world, FrndiNeed aims to make people spend more time with each other in the real world! It helps you benefit from your virtual connectivity for impromptu planning and helping you when in need. High on utility, this multipurpose app will discover your nearest friend for you for some serendipitous moments. Chat, locate, poke or plan, we are hopeful that FrndiNeed emerges as your true travel and spontaneity companion.”

The SOS Alert is additional useful feature of this app where a SOS message is sent to the contacts on your emergency list while in problem for instant help.

Key features of FrndiNeed App

  • Search and find friends in the area and take lift
  • Find out friends ready to hang-out
  • Plan short group trips
  • Share weekend trip plans and take friends along
  • Send out SOS to friends in the network in the time of any emergency like Car Break
  • Down, Life Threat, etc.
  • Easy to register using his/her Facebook account
  • Phone number & Nick name – User can use his/her phone number and nick name to register
  • Request a lift – Option to request lift from within the network of FrndiNeed
  • Poke a friend – Request a friend or accept a request for a holiday trip
  • SOS – Send out a SOS message while in serious problem
  • Plan a carpool – Plan a carpool (based on mobility stats)

You can now Request a lift from inside the network of FrndiNeed. All you need to do is find your friend and call or text asking for lift. After your friend accepts your request, the app would help you with way to reach your friend.  And all these useful features are packed for you in just one app, Download your free app from Google Play Store for free.

So, next time when you are alone, just open the FrndiNeed app and go on a journey together with your friends. No need to feel alone or insecure!