Home News Frequent hacking puts question mark on PM Modi’s cashless economy move

Frequent hacking puts question mark on PM Modi’s cashless economy move

With India moving towards becoming a cashless society after demonetisation, there seems to be a few hurdles surfacing. The banking system security is under question after the recent disclosure by Legion hacking group who describes the entire banking network in India highly dangerous. Another revelation to pay attention to is the access of your personal data to several third-party groups.

The hacker group Legion has referred Indian banking system as deeply flawed and susceptible to hacking. Moreover, the group rubbished the idea of a cashless economy in a country like India. The group revealed that their next target will be to hack sansad.nic.in servers.

The group revealed to Washington Post that a member of Legion group have access to hospital servers including Apollo, where Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was hospitalized before her death. The group stated that it did not release info as their step might create chaos in the country.

Nearly two weeks back, the official Twitter accounts and email accounts of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was hacked allegedly by the group. There are reports that this group is responsible for hacking Twitter accounts of Vijay Mallya, Barkha Dutt, and Ravish Kumar including that of NDTV. After hacking, the group published the contents of the email accounts publicly.

Legion to hack sansad.nic.in servers next

Meanwhile, there are reports that the group is planning to hack sansad.nic.in, which provides email services to all government employees. The hacker said that the dump will be large and will target several big fishes.

Legion claims that third-party staff have access to consumer data

In an interview with a leading news portal, Legion group admitted that the Indian banking network was hacked several times in the past. Moreover, several third-party groups have key access to the confidential data of its customers. The group also revealed the names of financial institutions which will be targeted in the future.

When asked about the future targets, the Legion group declined to provide an exact reply. They added that even they don’t know about the upcoming hacking plans.

Regarding the idea of a cashless economy, Legion group said that it is not feasible in a country like India. You need cash for each and every small purchase, which you use in your daily life. Even if you are ready to pay via mobile, the seller will not be educated to use them.

The hacker with whom the news portal spoke to also emphasized the need for secure email services. If you are using a crappy email system, you will suffer.

It remains to be seen as to what action Government takes against Legion group. This is because the IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has ordered an investigation into the alleged hacking of Twitter accounts.