India’s biggest technology companies Indus OS and FreeCharge have joined hands to introduce OS level integration to revolutionize the pre-paid recharge industry by unveiling Recharge 2.0. Recharge 2.0 is a game-changing product integrated within the smartphone’s dialer interface. With Recharge 2.0 the users can recharge their pre-paid smartphones directly from the dialer.

Recharge 2.0 will be the next big thing in the pre-paid recharge sector, with 95% of India’s mobile subscriber base comprises of pre-paid connections. A major part of pre-paid users prefers data plans that have a monthly fixed charge for a limited amount of data usage. Moreover, most of the users have no clear idea of how their money is getting spent.

Recharge 2.0 aims to bridge this gap with its comprehensive analysis of usage patterns and real-time updates. This provides more control to the pre-paid users. Recharge 2.0 will be exclusively accessible to 6 million plus Indus OS user base, and new users of Indus OS powered devices. This innovation will help customers in the cashless economy of India.

Indus OS is the world’s first regional Operating System. It is an operating system specially made for India. The Indus OS supports a majority of India languages, and it is the second most popular mobile Operating System in India.

The OS-integrated payment innovation in the Indus OS Dialer is accessible in the most natural interface of the phone; the phone dialer. This takes the recharging beyond the app and web interfaces. The Indus users can recharge their smartphone with just one touch.

The OS level integration makes it easy to check the instant current balance on the main dialer screen. Users can track their historical balance and analyze it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Recharge 2.0 allows users to compare balance spent on talking, data and SMS and even set thresholds to receive low balance alerts