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Freecharge gets better with new Bill Reminders module

Freecharge has introduced Bill Reminders facility, which enables consumers to pay bills on time. As a consumer, you will be able to get reminders for a wide range of bills two days in advance. Moreover, you will be able to pay swiftly, safely and securely with Freecharge wallet in less than 10 seconds.

Touted as a frictionless and on time bill payment process for consumers, the Bill Reminders feature enables consumers not to forget or undergo the complicated process involved with bill payment.

The latest update is a huge sigh of relief for consumers since they can relax while the wallet does all the hard work like tracking bills in addition to remembering of payment dates. It is also possible to enable the payment in two taps.

Commenting on the development, Govind Rajan, CEO, Freecharge revealed that the company is working hard to implement payment process via mobile, which will be seamless, credible and reliable for both consumers and merchants.

Rajan clarified that it would be difficult for consumers to remember all bill payment dates. This will tag them as defaulters since no other alternative system has reminded them to pay dues on time. As a result of this, consumers need to pay huge unnecessary fines as well.

The main aim of the new module is to help customers remember their bill payment dates and also to make sure that they are paid on time. Moreover, the company also wants their valuable consumers to pay from within the bill reminding system, which will avoid complicated steps involved with the overall bill payment process.

As part of the Bill Reminders module, consumers will be able to pay bills on the go within ten seconds. It will also automatically track all their bills with the unique auto-enrol feature.

Currently accepted by over 1,00,000 merchants in both online and offline arena, Freecharge provides a facility to the consumers for migrating from cash to digital payments.

With premium services like Auto-enroll, Chat-n-Pay coupled with the most recent bill reminders facility, Freecharge is fast becoming the most preferred digital payment platform in the country.