Free file sharing apps that works with both Android and iOS phones

Nowadays smartphones have become a lifeline for all sorts of tasks. We are completely dependent on our smartphones for messaging, taking pictures, downloading documents, etc. These files, pictures, and messages can easily be shared via some amazing smartphone apps which you need to install at the earliest. Forget about e-mailing or carrying data cables, if there are apps that transfer files within fractions of seconds. Let us have a look at the various apps available for convenient and quick file sharing.

File transfer by Infinit:

It is one of the best File sharing app available so far. It enables sending unlimited files to another smartphone, computer or tablet. This shoots files at a speed, which is 30 times faster than some other options like Whatsapp, Dropbox, etc. The app uses a special peer-to-peer technology that connects receiving and sending devices directly.

Infinit transfers 2GB files in less than 10 minutes, while on the other hand, Dropbox might take more than 2 hours to complete the transfer. The app provides benefit of maintaining the original quality of the image or video that is been transferred. The transfer process is very easy making the app a user-friendly one. Users just need to follow a three tap simple process.

  1. Select the files to be sent.
  2. Choose the recipient (contact, e-mail or another device)
  3. Press Send

Isn’t it easy? Well, that you get to know once you will try the app by yourself. Infinit provides ample security. The app encrypts the transferring files, and the key is only known to the recipient and the sender. So the app maintains the desired privacy too.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

Resilio Sync:


This app enables users to transfer photos, videos and docs directly from one device to another. The apps technology works best while transferring heavy files. Through the app, users can create their private cloud to transfer files from one device to another. After the devices get connected, the files automatically get synced between the users. Sync App even takes care of security as well.

The app is capable enough of encrypting the data while transferring it onto another device; this prevents duplication of data on third-party servers. The app carries unlimited storage feature, which enables users to share unlimited amount of data. Users can even share heavy files with 16x faster speed in comparison to the cloud. As soon as the user clicks pictures or record videos, the sync app automatically takes a back-up and saves them.

The users can later share the backup data as and when required. This would even enable you to have free space on your device as you can clear the backup data from the memory. All the different file types including videos, pdfs, word documents, images, etc. can be shared via this app very quickly. It is a must have miracle transfer app.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

SHAREit – Transfer & Share:

It is amongst the top downloaded apps on Android and iOS phones. A popular data transfer app available in 24 different countries. The Shareit app is considered to be the world’s fastest file-sharing app across the world. Through this app, users can share files wherever and whenever required that too without internet. The transfer speed is pretty faster than the Bluetooth.

The app supports ‘Cross-Platform transferring’ across smartphones, tablets and computer/laptop. The app is very user-friendly as you can share files just by entering the portal. Users can simply connect their PC to smartphone and access stored music and presentations through phone only. Shareit has a special Phone replicate feature through which the users can transfer all the data from one device like messages, photos, videos, music to a new device in a single click.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

Pushbullet – SMS on PC:

Another fantastic file sharing app that we must have on our smartphones. This enables you to stay connected with other devices or friends by simply sharing files in one single click. File sharing and links would not have been so easy with Pushbullet app. Pairing your smartphone with your computer would enable users to access all the smartphone information from the computer including call details. Once a user dismisses a notification or deletes a message from the computer, it automatically vanishes from the phone too.

There are various Pushbullet channels which users can subscribe too for continuous notifications update. Users can directly type and send a text or email via the computer instead of small screen smartphones. The app is featured in over a dozen different languages. End-to-end encryption secures the transferred files thereby prevents data theft.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS

SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share:

The app provides the simplest and quickest way of sharing files between two devices using Wifi Direct. The devices can even be paired with the help of QR code scanner, NFC or manual sharing key (PRO). The app enables users to share multiple large files in a single go. Not only this, you can even share files of any format including pdf, jpeg, word document, zip files, etc. SuperBeam app saves the transfer history which can be reviewed whenever required.

The app is available in three different color themes – Light, dark and AMOLED. In cases where Wifi Direct doesn’t support devices, the app automatically shifts to Hotspot mode. The transfer works with hotspot mode too. All the transferred files are stored in a directory commonly named as “/sd card/SuperBeam.” The app is equipped enough of avoiding duplication of files, but in case this happens SuperBeam adds unique numbers to duplicate file names.

Price: Free
Availability: Android l iOS


Bygone are the days when we use to depend on data cables and hard drives for sending files, movies, videos, photos, etc. With the help of these amazing apps, we can send and receive files within seconds. All the apps carry almost similar functions and are user-friendly. These easy to use apps even transfers multiple files to multiple users at a time. Download and try it yourself.