Top 5 free download managers for Android smartphones

Downloading large files are annoying, especially if you are downloading it on your Android smartphone. The most annoying part is when you are downloading a large file (bigger than a GB), and it fails at 99%. To avoid these annoying situations, we have download managers but which one should you choose from thousands of download managers available on Google Play Store. We listed some of the best download managers for your Android smartphones. Have a look at them:

1. DAP – Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus was the first download manager and accelerator software which we used on our Windows PCs. Now you can install it on your Android smartphone. The user interface is as simple as it can be with lots of cool features built in. You can download files directly to your SD card (except on Android 4.4 KitKat) without rooting your phone.

With DAP, you can pause and resume your downloads directly from the notification panel. This app supports all popular web browsers and if not, there is a browser built right into the app. You don’t need to leave the download manager app to search for download links, just open the media you want to download and DAP will automatically retrieve the download links.

Download Accelerator Plus automatically resume corrupt downloads, so you don’t need to check them regularly. DAP boosts the speed of the downloads, and some features are locked which you can unlock by installing the premium version of the app.

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2. IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager is not that download manager for Microsoft Windows. Well, this Android app manages to add most of the features from the Windows version of IDM. It uses the same download strategy to increase the download speed a bit.

IDM comes with an inbuilt media player with features like folder play, shuffle, repeat, background audio and audio playback will continue even if the screen is locked. An inbuilt browser features bookmark manager, quick search, HTML5, tabbed browsing, integrated Google search and more.

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3. Download Manager Accelerator

Download Manager Accelerator has the best user interface in download managers for Android. A simple page with an internet speed graphs with overall download percentage. Below that you will see the list of files downloading with the downloading status.

Download Manager Accelerator download files in packets which make it download faster than default browser downloader. You can schedule your downloads so you won’t be losing speed while browsing the internet on your smartphone.

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4. GetThemAll Any File Downloader

GetThemAll Any File Downloader is not just another download manager; it’s an app to download multiple files from the same website. If you want to download all the pictures from one website, you don’t want to do that one by one. With GetThemAll Any File Downloader, you can do that with a single click.

GetThemAll Any File Downloader supports many websites, and it comes with a fully integrated web browser. The Smart file manager is needed to manage the downloaded files quickly. It also downloads in the background so you can focus on more important things.

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5. Faster Download Speed Turbo

A simple download manager for Android with a straightforward and material design. This download manager is as simple as a file manager. The interface is much simple than any other download manager. You just need to copy the download URL and paste it in the download URL field which pops up when you tap the plus button in the app.

The app starts to download the file, and it boost the download speed automatically. A Turbo browser with basic features is built in this download manager app. It uses the packet downloading to pause and resume the downloading files.

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Download managers are good for large files to download faster than the default browser. If you often download files greater than 100 MB on your Android smartphones, then you should use on of the download managers listed here. You can also suggest us any download manager you used which is not on this list.