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Four Ways to Make Money in Your Free Time on Your Computer

Who has not found themselves in this position? A random evening and your plans to go to the cinema or have dinner with friends fall through. instead of staring at the wall wallowing in self-pity, wouldn´t it be nice to be able to make those hours into something productive?

There are lots of ways you can turn that downtime into profit. Here are some of the ways to make the most out of the famous saying that time is money.

Crypto Faucets

By now, we are all almost certainly familiar with cryptocurrencies. They are the digital cash that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the way money circulates, and how power circulates with it. We are generally less familiar with crypto faucets.

The concept is rather simple: they call it a faucet in reference to the study drip of cryptocurrencies that can eventually fill up the entire bathtub, or in this case, your bank account.

In order to turn on this faucet, you will have to set up some sort of crypto wallet, then just head over to any of the many crypto faucets online. You can choose between a number of different kinds. One of the first considerations is which crypto you want to earn. It can make a difference if you are making Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example.

Then you just start filling out captchas. These are the tests you regularly encounter online to prove that you are a human. By filling these out, the advertisers that are paying your faucet can be sure you are there on the site.

Strategize With Friends

Your community can be your greatest resource. They should act as your sounding board for any new ideas, plus they will have ideas of their own. Together, you can look for advice online for different ways to make some extra cash.

For example, you have to do this wisely. Check out this guide for the best sports betting sites in the UK. They not only list great sites that you can trust, but they will also connect you to sites with lucrative bonuses. They test these sites and make sure their cashouts are fast–all key elements for anyone looking to make money in sports betting.

Even after you find the right betting site, making the right bets will require a good amount of research. You can watch games with your friends. Make sure to know the sports you are betting on so that you can spot the best deals. Whichever route you take it is a good idea to do so in good company!


The stock market is, of course, no guarantee. It is inevitably a risk. That being said, the stock market as a whole has a strong upwards tendency. Generally speaking, with enough time and patience, one will come out with some sort of a profit.

This just takes time. If you have some downtime, research which apps are the best for you, and sign up. Once you have an account up and running, connect it to your bank. Now you are ready to start investing!

For those who are more risk-averse, try looking into funds. Funds are simply a bundling of stocks or assets. Because there are more stocks in one bundle, your risk is spread out. Just keep in mind that the less risk, the less likely you are to gain a large profit. Risk and reward often go hand in hand.

Fill Out Online Surveys

Some may find this surprising, but many companies will pay you to fill out simple surveys. It is as easy it sounds. You can enjoy these easy money-making opportunities right from your computer while listening to your favorite music.

They are looking for customer input mostly. Your insights are valuable to them. And the best part: there is no right or wrong answer. You can simply share your personal experience and insights and get paid for them.

Payouts generally start at around $5 but can go up to $30. Why not spend some of your newly freed-up time filling out a survey or two and putting that cash in the bank. This is one of the easiest and most guaranteed ways to make some cash in your free time, right from your home computer.

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