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Four ways to keep costs low when creating business videos

Hearing about how some business videos end up costing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars may put you off the idea of creating your own. However, as much as business videos can be expensive, with the right approach you could keep the cost of creating them as low as possible.

If you’re adamant on keeping your budget in check and determined enough to do what needs to be done, there are four ways in particular of keeping costs low that you should try:

  • Plan every single detail of your video

One of the main reasons why the costs of creating business videos often end up exceeding the budget is because it wasn’t planned out thoroughly. Before you start rolling the camera, you need to have mapped out every detail of your video including the script, storyboards, equipment that will be needed, talent, budget, and so on.

By planning every single detail, you should have a relatively accurate idea of how much it will cost – and can work from there to keep that figure as low as you can.

  • Trim the fat from your plan

Seeing as your goal is to reduce the budget, you should try to avoid any excess. Start by going over your plan with a fine-tooth comb and identify any items you could do without or any way to reduce the cost or logistics required.

For example, you could ask yourself questions like: Do we really need to shoot in so many locations? Is it necessary to have a large number of acting talent? Can the number of days required to create the video be reduced?

  • Do what you can yourself and use what you already have

One of the best ways to save costs is to DIY your video, and handle as much of it as you can by yourself (or with the help of your team or staff). If you go down this route you should be prepared for the fact that it will be time-consuming, even if you do manage to save a ton of cash in the process.

On top of that, you should make it a point to use equipment that you already own, wherever possible. In particular rather than investing in an expensive video camera you could make do with your existing digital camera – or even use other options such as screen recording, animation, or video slideshows. For example, you could create a video using Movavi Slideshow Maker alone.

  • Splash out in the right areas that have the most impact

Another option is to look at it from a different angle and identify the areas that you do want to invest in. When creating business videos it can help to spend money in certain areas, as the impact they’ll have on your video is substantial.

For example, you could record the video footage yourself, and even use amateurs as acting talent if the role isn’t demanding – but then hire a professional editor to cut together the video. The role the editor plays in how the video turns out more than justifies splashing out on a trained professional.

Other areas you may want to consider investing in include an acting talent for more demanding roles, three-point lighting solutions, and high-quality microphones if you’re recording audio.

See how the methods listed above will help you to reduce the cost of creating business videos? If you’re really careful, you could truly cut your costs to the point where you’re creating business videos on a shoestring budget and spending practically nothing on them.

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