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Four Ways to Improve Your IT Security Strategy

Having a robust security system in place has become a necessity for businesses all over the world – no matter how big or small your business is, having your company’s personal data, or even worse, your customer data leaked online is not something any company wants to deal with.

Just like technology is evolving, so are new threats to technology – they are learning to adapt just the same as technology adapts. Cyber attacks that are successful allow hackers to gain access to your personal and company data. This can result in long-lasting damage to your business, the reputational and financial loss can become irreversible.

If you check the news, it is often that you will come across high profile businesses all over the world that have been hacked. That is why it comes recommended by IT professionals that businesses prioritize their IT security as a precaution against cyber-attacks.  Your trading secrets, financial records and employee records all need the best protection possible – if you are based in the UK for example, having the help of trusted IT Support Services in London will go a long way to protecting your valuable information.

There are steps you can take to ensure that your business is not susceptible to any IT breaches. Below you will find 4 ways to improve your IT security strategy which have been used by IT Support Companies over the years and are proven to help protect your data in the best possible way.

  1. Encrypt All Data

The recent pandemic has led to changes in the workspace and the world of work has been revolutionised. Employees now work on personal devices which have meant that IT security has become even more imperative to companies. Businesses that provide IT Support ensure that all their employees devices have data stored in an encrypted format. This means that their information is always well protected even in employee homes and when being worked with on their own personal devices.

  1. Strong Passwords

Every business should have a strong password policy in place – and making use of an application that can store and remove users at any point in time is a great way to do this and manage your company passwords properly. This is something that your business cannot skimp on. It may take a bit of time and money to implement but it ensures security and protection for data, that should it be compromised, could be a lot more costly.

  1. User Permissions

Checking that users have the right permissions granted to their systems is important but can be time-consuming. With the right IT Services and Solutions in place, businesses never have to worry because issues like granting the right permissions are always seen to. This gives you and your employees more time to focus on other important tasks of the business. There are two-factor authentications that can be put in place which prevent unwanted users from accessing certain profiles and information – it is always a good idea to include two-factor authentication into your businesses online profiles and management systems to add an extra layer of protection and security.

  1. Update Training Regularly

Having a well-trained and experienced IT security partner is a great way to improve your IT security strategy against cybercrime threats and attacks. They ensure that all the necessary parties in the business are doing their part to protect the organisation. Employees need to always be reminded to never share passwords unless with the necessary parties. An IT security partner always keeps up with new trends and undergoes training on a regular basis to learn about new software programs and tools that could be benefiting the business and provide an additional form of security.

If your business has an IT Managed Services Provider taking care of your IT Setup, they will be managing your security protection and threat prevention techniques. Speak to them about any concerns you might be having to ensure your data is being properly, carefully stored and protected.

Ensuring your company’s data is properly protected should be a top priority – could your business afford to lose private information or have your data held at ransom? This is the unfortunate reality when it comes to storing data online, so being prepared and preventing the threats from the start make a huge difference.

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