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Four Ways Technology Is Improving the Healthcare Industry

There’s no denying that technology has changed every aspect of our lives in recent years. From streaming services to electric cars, people worldwide have felt the impact in minor and major ways.

However, many people haven’t noticed just how much the healthcare industry has changed. Technology has impacted everything from the equipment used to assess health to how people receive medical care and how doctors do their jobs. Read on for the top four ways technology has transformed the healthcare industry.

1. Speedy Repairs

Medical professionals often use a lot of complex equipment. However, when something breaks, they do not always have the knowledge and skill to fix it quickly. Although many major hospitals have some IT staff, technology allows repairs on a scale that was not previously possible.

Developments in biomedics are just one of the ways that medical equipment services have advanced rapidly. These services can quickly repair medical technology, helping to prevent delays. It allows healthcare workers to focus on their patients and medical emergencies without spending hours trying to get to grips with faulty technology.

2. Remote Appointments

For most of us, a trip to the doctor’s office is an inconvenience, but this amount of travel is not possible for some people. Technology is letting doctors talk to housebound or international patients without the need for face to face communication. They can do this over the phone or through a video calling application.

In-person GP appointments in the UK fell from 238 million to 148 million between 2019 and 2020, showing how popular remote appointments are becoming. As well as making it easier for patients to speak to doctors, it reduces the risk of infection in waiting rooms and medical facilities.

3. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology can help doctors to gather data about patients. It helps to anticipate emergencies and leads to better treatment. It can also help people to understand their health better, and make more positive decisions. In 2020, 24% of Americans wore a smartwatch, with that figure expected to rise to 27.1% by 2024, showing how popular wearable technology is.

For example, if a patient is at risk of heart failure, they can now have an electronic implant that can monitor their heartbeat. If it begins to falter, the machine can automatically administer an electric shock to make the heartbeat properly again. It can also alert the wearer and their doctor, allowing them to be ready should a more severe emergency arise.

4. Improved Access To Health Advice

The internet has given patients access to a wide range of health advice that was never possible before. It’s easy to find information on health habits, such as the amount of fruit and vegetables you should eat every day or the best exercise for weight loss.

Improved access to health advice can also link to the benefits of wearable technology. For example, smartwatches let a wearer monitor the number of steps they’ve done and their calorific input and output. This health monitoring can help wearers to make healthy decisions, leading to less need for medical intervention.

Overall, technology has helped to take the pressure off the healthcare industry. It’s no longer necessary to visit your local doctor for every medical issue — you can easily find information and help online. This reduces the workload for doctors and helps them prioritize their time more efficiently.

Improvements In Technology Help Everyone

Technological improvements are having a considerable impact on the healthcare industry. From smartwatches to complex heart devices, they’re helping everyone to make better decisions and stay safe.

As technology improves, the healthcare industry will only get more efficient. It only remains to be seen how much technology will alter medicine in years to come.

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