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Four Tips for Creating an Airbnb Listing That Will Generate Income

If you’re considering listing your house on Airbnb as a way to make some extra money, it’s essential to do some homework first. You have to think about what it takes to create a successful Airbnb listing.

You have to make sure your house is clean and attractive and that you have amenities to offer guests. Also, think about what kind of overall experience you might design for the people who come to stay.

Here are four tips that should help you develop an Airbnb listing that generates money.

Use natural light whenever possible

People are drawn to clean, open spaces. Achieving those means you should use natural lighting as much as possible.

Natural light will make your quarters feel more spacious and airy. It will also help to keep the rooms looking clean.

Add as much natural light as you can to your Airbnb listing by raising the blinds and keeping the curtains open. Open the windows as well when it’s warm outside.

You may want to spring for a lightbox or lamp that provides further light in any area that gets insufficient natural illumination, such as a dark corner or closet.

Use neutral colors

When it comes to the color scheme of your Airbnb home, stay with neutral colors. Those will make everything blend and create a more open and clean feeling in your house.

Avoid clashing colors like bright green and red, or bright orange and blue. When you have a little more room to play with, you can get creative with decorative accents, but for now, keep things simple.

If you opt for patterns, avoid using heavy ones. They pull your eyes away from your center of focus, which discourages people from enjoying the most appealing furnishings and objects.


Complicated patterns can also make your Airbnb feel more cluttered. Stick with lighter patterns to keep the spaces appearing more open and spacious. Be careful with stripes, as well, since they can make an area look smaller.

Clean your space

Make sure to clean your Airbnb home before you start letting people stay. Tidy the space to make it feel as comfortable as possible for visitors.

Scrub the floors, dust all the furnishings (including pictures and the ceilings), vacuum the carpets, and wash all the windows so they are sparkling clean. Make sure you have plenty of towels available for the guests.

Be creative with your cleaning materials and see what you can find around the house to use instead of commercial cleaning supplies like Windex, which can be pricey. For example, you can clean with baby wipes or even vinegar if you’re not afraid to use it in your home.

If you have any pets, you probably shouldn’t allow them inside the Airbnb space.

Hire a property manager

If you’re out of town and unable to manage your listing, you may want to consider hiring a Houston property management expert to do the job. That would make it easier for you to check in with your host and for the guests to receive reliable, trustworthy information about their stay at your property.

You can find property managers in several ways. During your search, try various services. Ask around on social media, using sites like Facebook and Twitter, or directly contact property managers you know or can find through referrals.

If you don’t have anyone in mind to hire as a property manager, investigate a platform that connects hosts with local people searching for hosting jobs.

Summing Up

Airbnb enables homeowners to make extra money by renting out their house to people who visit the area. You can list your home for short-term stays or even rent out your entire residence and potentially make more money per day than if you stayed at home.

Keep these tips in mind to create an Airbnb listing that is clean, comfortable, and attractive for guests, and one that will generate you good money.

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