Everyone in the events organizing business (including DJs) knows that a good Public Address (PA) system is the key to holding quality events. That’s because the quality sound is an essential part of holding a successful event. If people can’t concentrate on the event proceedings due to low sound quality, the event would be a flop.

For event organizers and DJs, this would be a risk to the future business. In essence, to secure current and future business, it is best to shop for the best PA systems. These may cost more but the return on investment is also higher. If you are shopping for a good system but don’t know what to go for, here are 4 tips for buying outdoor powered PA speakers.

1. Battery-Powered PA Systems are Most Ideal

An outdoor event occurs in a broad range of locations. For example, it can be a beach party next to the ocean or in the desert far away from civilization. Powering PA speakers in these areas is a challenging exercise because some areas have an unreliable source of electrical power. For example, some beaches are far away from towns and cities. In many cases, they do not have access to electricity. Moreover, power outages may occur from time to time. What will you do when they occur? The best solution to all of these situations is a PA system powered by both AC and batteries.

2. Bluetooth Connectivity is Essential

PA systems have different ways of connecting to other devices. For example, they can connect to these devices through XLR jacks and Bluetooth. Having Bluetooth connectivity is advantageous to you in many ways. For one, you can play your music from a broad range of devices including your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. That means you can use another device if the one that you are using has a problem.

Using wireless microphones should be possible as well. This feature eliminates the inconveniences that come with cable connections. These inconveniences include the risk of tripping over the cable and the limited movements that a person can make while using a wired microphone.

3. Weatherproof PA Speakers are most Practical

The weather may change suddenly when you are performing at an outdoor concert. What will happen to your speakers when the rain falls on them? Will they function as they did before the rains fell on them? How does the cold weather affect the PA speakers? Will they be problematic in summer? Receiving answers to this question is critical because you have other equipment to purchase. You cannot spend money on new PA speakers every time the weather changes abruptly at an outdoor event. Buy weatherproof PA speakers so that you can avoid these unnecessary expenditures. Spend that extra cash on purchasing new equipment or marketing your services.

4. Portability of the PA Speakers

Transporting PA speakers from one location to another is an inevitable part of the business because DJs perform in different areas. However, avoiding speakers that are difficult to transport is possible. Doing that would save you a lot of effort. For example, are you going for a PA system with different components? For example, does it have a component for a standalone mixing board, monitor speaker cabinets, and outboard signal processors? Is it an all-in-one PA system? Go for an all-in-one PA if you are performing at small venues. Doing so would lead to a reduction in your logistical expenses. Moreover, consider PA speakers with integrated wheels. Check this list for the best PA speakers in the industry.