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Four Stats You Need to Know to Improve Your Customer Service


With inflation hitting both your business’ costs and your customers’ wallets hard, you might be in a dual bind of controlling costs while providing a product worth paying for. Ensuring you retain current customers with excellent customer service is a great way to meet both goals. Here are four key stats you need to measure and improve to excel.

1. Study Your DSAT

You probably already do customer satisfaction surveys and measure your CSAT scores. Customer dissatisfaction, or DSAT scores, might not be as pleasant, but it can lead to a bigger payoff. These scores measure whether your customers are at all dissatisfied and why. Tagging and auditing your DSAT score surveys will help you understand why your customer is dissatisfied.

Once you have the data, you can begin leveraging DSAT analysis to see where your business can improve. It might be as simple as coaching CSRs to avoid particular language that tends to upset customers or as wide-ranging as changing a firmwide process. Either way, DSAT will lead to improvements that CSAT might not.


2. Reduce Your FRT

Nobody likes to wait, and that includes your customers! Even if the answers you provide in email, social media, or live chat inquiries are great, customers will get frustrated if your first response time (FRT) is too long. The most important thing businesses can do is track their FRT and establish clear company standards for response times.

After you’ve developed clear standards and an understanding of when your busy periods are, it’s easier to coach struggling customer service reps and make staffing decisions. Providing your CSRs with easily accessible customer information will also shorten FRT by allowing them to be more proactive in resolving issues. Introducing additional ways for your customers to contact you, such as texting or social media, can also reduce response times.

3. Keep a High FCR

A high FCR, or first contact resolution, is almost as important as a low FRT. Customers want to get their queries and issues resolved quickly, with one email, phone call, or Facebook message. You can accomplish this by having your CSR’s keep stats on each customer interaction, asking your customer if their issue was resolved, or, ideally, doing both. Make sure you’re doing regular audits of CSR-tracked FCRs, too, to ensure your reps are on the same page.

Looking at your FCR score and the interactions that aren’t resolved immediately gives you insight into what your customer service team needs to complete their jobs. Perhaps they don’t have access to information that could help them answer customer queries, or they are waiting too long for responses from another department.

4. Ace Your ESAT

Attrition rates in customer service are sky-high. Hiring, onboarding, and training new CSRs is not only expensive but risks introducing inconsistencies that can affect your other stats. That’s why employee satisfaction, or ESAT, matters. It’s best to employ several methods to gauge ESAT, including employee surveys and regular 1-on-1 meetings. Of course, you have to provide an environment where your employees will be honest with you.

Improving your ESAT isn’t always about pay. Providing CSRs with clear job descriptions, measuring workloads objectively, and making sure your employees take advantage of their breaks are low-cost ways to increase satisfaction and reduce burnout.

Take Customer Service to the Next Level with Data

Now more than ever, your business needs to provide customers with exceptional service. The first step in that is to understand your stats and employ both numbers and any needed audits in plans to make improvements. By measuring your DSAT, FRT, FCR, and ESAT, you can keep your customers happy and your turnover low.

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