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Four reasons why you should have parental control app on your kid’s phone

Mistakes are bound to happen one way or another. Every person is entitled to make some mistakes while learning something new. In fact, mistakes provide parents the best chance to educate their kids. Parents can use consequences to teach their children meaningful lessons. But, what about the mistakes that have relatively long-term aftermaths? Online mistakes can be shared with wider audiences and that makes them even bigger.

Here are some online mistakes that bring serious repercussions for children and as a parent, we need to stop kids from committing those mistakes with the help of parental apps!

1. Sexting

Sexting means exchanging sexually explicit photos, videos, and messages. Teenagers send their naked photos often to their love partners and fail to comprehend teenage-sexting as a serious issue until their picture gets uploaded on the web for a broader audience to witness. Sexting can cause extreme depression, embarrassment, harassment and can end up even with criminal charges.

2. Oversharing

Some teenagers are quite social. They like to upload photos and updates regarding their day to day activities on social networking sites. Remind your child that sharing their partying details can get them in trouble with their school principal or with police. Teenagers even share their whereabouts on social accounts. This can make them vulnerable to abductors.

3. Cyberbullying

With the rise of the Internet, parents have felt distressed because of the increasing rate of incidents related to cyberbullying. Children throw nasty comments about each other on social sites without giving much consideration to what they are actually saying.  They troll each other and exchange hateful messages. Cyberbullying doesn’t only upset the victim but it also leaves many long-term negative effects in bully’s personality.

4. Inappropriate Content

There are some things which a child must not explore. Many kids gain knowledge about things that are completely not age-appropriate for them. It may include porn, sexual videos, vulgar imagery, violent content, etc. Keep your kids away from such material on the Internet because they leave a highly damaging effect on a child’s personality.

Use Parental Apps to Monitor Kids

familyorbit ls1

No doubt, the Internet is a very useful tool for teenagers. But, it exposes children to highly engaging content that can be extremely devastating for kids. For that matter, parents need to makes sure they stay in the loop with their child’s digital conduct all the time and this is only possible when parents use parental apps to monitor kids. Among many parental apps, Family Orbit tracking app is the one that helps parents completely by providing several useful features.

Want to give this app a try for free? You can! Get the app now with access to all premium features now by visiting the app store on your phone.

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