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Four Reasons To Repair Your Phone Rather Than Replace It

Most gadgets get damaged several times. However, phones may be more prone to ruin than other electronic devices because they’re small, used more frequently, and portable, making them more likely to slip and fall. Besides that, they can also overheat due to overusing and overcharging. They can also hang if the random-access memory (RAM) storage space depletes.

All these concerns can damage your phone in various ways. For instance, excessive heat can cause your gadget to operate slowly. In addition, this issue could also cause data loss or battery leakage. Also, inadequate RAM space can affect your device’s running speed, and accidental falls can cause screen breakage of internal destruction. Usually, when these damages happen, it always puzzles owners whether to fix their devices or replace them instead.

Benefits Of Repairing Your Phone

In the past years, most phone owners take their devices to repair shops. But due to various technological advancements, manufacturers are developing more appealing and better functioning products every day. Also, due to the growth of e-commerce, it’s easier to buy a new gadget than it was a few years back. These are some of the factors that cause most people to dump a damaged phone instead of fixing it.

Owning a new device might be fun, but restoring your damaged cell could be a better step to take. Even so, you’d have to ensure you’re taking it to the right technician. They should be able to replace a shattered screen, restore damaged RAM, and perform other repairs effortlessly. To identify a professional, check if they’ve got the necessary tools and if they offer warranties. Also, determine if their services are reasonably priced and ensure they have a good reputation.

Some of the reasons you should consider fixing your phone instead of buying a new one are provided and explained below.

  1. It Saves You Money

Unless your device is extremely damaged, most repairs are often cheap. In most cases, new phones are usually priced high because they come with new features, technologies, and capabilities. Therefore, most people will save for months to get them.

However, if you’re looking for an upgrade, consider repairing your phone instead. You’ll find that you can spare a good amount, which you could use to pay some pending bills or fund a profitable project.

  1. It’s More Ethical

In manufacturing phones, a metal called coltan is used to make tantalum capacitors, which help increase audio quality. Usually, companies source this ore from several countries like Brazil and Canada. However, the largest producer is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Due to the high price of coltan, mining this metal also contributes to the conflict in the region. Therefore, repairing your phone may help lower the demand for this ore in such a country.

  1. It Helps Save The Environment

The materials used to make phones aren’t biodegradable. This means disposing of your gadget adds more harmful substances into damping sites. Therefore, fixing your gadget is a better measure because it helps reduce environmental pollution.

Besides that, various toxic chemicals and gases are released into the air in the manufacture of these gadgets. And since most people change their phones at least once a year, more poisonous substances are emitted each day to fulfill the high demand.

Repairing your phone can be beneficial to the environment, too. By considering this option, you aren’t adding more harmful substances to landfills. Besides that, you’re also helping reduce the demand for phones, lowering their production. Thus, you’re saving the planet by preventing the release of toxic gases and chemicals.

  1. It Saves You Time

In most cases, phone problems are usually minor and easier to repair. You could even fix some issues yourself without the need for an expert. Also, most experienced professionals take less time restoring gadgets, meaning it’d only take a short while for you to have your device back.

In contrast, buying a new phone can be time-consuming. This is because you might take a while looking at the numerous devices available to find the most suitable one for you. Also, you’ll have to transfer data into your new gadget, which also takes some time.


Even though new phones are easily available online and in physical shops, fixing your damaged device might be a better step to take. This article provides some well-explained merits of repairing your gadget, which will help you understand why this alternative is recommendable.

As highlighted above, phone repairs can save you more money and time. Besides that, this measure is also more ethical and could help prevent further pollution.

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