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Four New Sports Video Games Coming in 2022

A new year means an exciting 12 months jam-packed full of video game releases that are all set to hit physical and virtual stores across the globe. In 2022, there are a handful of sports titles that already have gamers talking. Read on to discover a few of these and the dates they are scheduled to launch.

EA Sports PGA Tour

Electronic Arts is no stranger to golf games, having produced the popular PGA Tour series that has lived on for over three decades. However, this year the lucrative gaming company has a next-generation, highly anticipated release called EA Sports PGA Tour that is expected to bring new life to golf gameplay. Featuring fine-tuned, realistic reproductions of world-famous courses and all four major tournaments, the game is slated for Spring 2022 so mark your calendars!

Blood Bowl 3

Next up is Blood Bowl 3, an upgraded installment of the beloved, fight-to-the-death gridiron game. A parody on American football which sees all players battle it out for that coveted game-day touchdown, the franchise is actually based on an 80s board game by British manufacturer Games Workshop. Because this title is expected to be released closer to the latter part of 2022, football fans will have something to look forward to long after this year’s NFL season has come to an end. Until the game is released, football fanatics can continue to support their favorite players through wagering as the post-season begins. In fact, promotional opportunities such as free bets NJ make it even easier for football aficionados to check out the sports betting scene online. Although we may not yet know this year’s Super Bowl champions, gamers and fans can be sure of one thing — Blood Bowl 3 is set to stun.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Trading football for racing, the new game Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will get players in the mood for the upcoming new season of Formula 1. This fast-paced title features a variety of luxury cars and takes gamers through the streets of the brightly lit Asian destination of Hong Kong. Although the game has been a bit overshadowed by the same year release of another racing game, Gran Turismo 7, it’s still worth checking out. It’s expected to come out in September and will be available to play on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as Nintendo Switch and even PC.

Which title do you have your eyes on for purchase in 2022?

Skate 4

Last but not least, gamers can expect a thrilling new skateboard game in 2022 with Skate 4, coming in a cool 12 years after its predecessor Skate 3 was released. However, this time instead of solely being available for console play, PC users will be given the chance to interact as well. The game is slated to feature crisper graphics, and advanced motion sensor technology, while the general goal of the title remains the same as it did over a decade ago: refine your skating tricks and flips, aiming to reach the tip of the half-pike like a pro. In the meantime, why not upgrade your PC to elevate your gaming experience and ensure you’re ready for all these top tier titles to drop in 2022.

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