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Four Best Audio Streaming Platforms

When looking for the best audio streaming platforms, you first need to set your criteria. There are platforms available for listeners who want to stream local radio music stations, podcasts, and even wanting to stream their own tunes. Various platforms support options such as creating playlists and sharing streams with friends, and there are platforms that provide 100 percent commercial-free uninterrupted playback features. For whatever reasons you need access to the best audio streaming platform, find whichever one enables you to maximize the listening experience. Here are the four best audio streaming platforms that you can use at home or while you’re on the move.

1. Pandora

Pandora is a pretty popular audio streaming service that features station customization. Type in the name of an artist, an album, a genre, or even a song and you get to listen to a station created by Pandora according to your tastes. If you hear a song you don’t like, hit the thumbs down button and you will never encounter it again. Share your playlists with friends over the web and even connect with other listeners with their large range of built-in customization features. Pandora can be used at home on any type of computing device, and there is also an app that can be downloaded and used on Android and Apple supported mobile phones.

2. Spooncast

If you want to stream audio and have a dynamic user experience, then try Spooncast. This is the premier audio streaming platform for people who enjoy music in all forms. Just for audio streaming by itself, Spooncast really hits the mark. However, if you want to do more and see what the fuss is about, check out Spooncast’s features that support talk and music streams. Create a group of fans who come back to listen to your weekly streams or be more spontaneous and get connected with whichever users are online when you stream over the internet radio waves.

3. Spotify

This audio streaming service is one of the best for listening to commercial music. If you don’t necessarily want to buy a song from your favorite popular artist, then you can use Spotify to listen to their music repeatedly. Spotify also gives users the ability to customize their listening experience. Listen to private concerts from well-known artists streamed live via Spotify and find musicians who have similar styles and sounds. Some options can be accessed offline, so there are ways for you to cut down on your data usage with Spotify if that is a concern.

4. SoundCloud

Millions of independent musicians, producers, and listeners tune in to SoundCloud regularly. This audio streaming service is a haven for unknown independent artists who want to share their latest inspirations. You can listen to DJs live mixes being streamed, or you can find a producer who uploads new instrumental beats. Skip and fast forward to the favorite part of your songs, or bookmark all of the tunes you want to listen to again. SoundCloud is free to use and is supported by a number of browsers.

Sometimes, you just want to put on your headphones and get into an extended listening session. The best audio streaming services will keep the tunes going for as long as you want them to. Switch up artists in between and find a new genre you have never experienced before. Different playback controls will allow you to put entire songs or albums on repeat. If you prefer to hear music streamed live, you can tune into other users’ playlists or find an artist who is having a live studio session. The best feature of audio streaming platforms is that they enable users to have the final say.

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