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Fotor Review – A powerful and user-friendly photo editing tool

Thanks to the awesome-quality camera available on smartphones, photography has become an everyday activity for almost all of us. From taking selfies when bored to capturing those beautiful sunsets, we take a lot of photos.

Photo editing tools are quite essential to bring out the true beauty in any photograph. Even though there exist a plethora of photo editing tools online, almost every one among them lacks the complete set of features and functionalities that we expect from a photo editing tool.

For those in search of a complete photo editing tool that offers all the required features and options that can make your photos look better, then the Fotor online photo editing tool is what you need.

What is Fotor?

Fotor is a powerful and user-friendly photo editing tool that provides all the necessary tools and features to edit and process images of all kinds.

Whether you are interested in editing a photograph that you took, or if you wish to create a collage or poster design from scratch, you can do them all with Fotor. You can also use Fotor to design Facebook covers, banner ads for YouTube, photo cards, and more.

The versatility and functionality of Fotor have gained itself the recognition of being one of the best photo editing tools on the internet. Fotor so far has over 300 million users from around the globe and has processed billions of photos to date.

Features of Fotor

So, what makes Fotor the best photo editing tool out there?

Well, let’s go through the features that the tool supports to get a better idea.

  • Simple User Interface: The user interface of the Fotor photo editing tool is designed in such a way that any professional or amateur user will feel right at home using it. All options and features are neatly laid out and labeled for ease of access.
  • Create Awesome Collages: The built-in collage maker tool lets you create attractive collages with minimal effort. You can choose from a wide variety of collage designs available and also add effects of your choice to them as well.
  • Remove Unwanted Background Elements: If you have any unwanted subjects in your photo background, you can easily remove them using the Fotor’s Online Background Eraser.
  • Hundreds of Poster Designs to Choose From: Creating stunning poster designs to promote your content or brand. The customizable poster designs are available in sizes perfect for Facebook ads, YouTube banner ads, and more.
  • Professional-Grade Retouching Tools: The Fotor online photo editing tool featured several professional retouching tools perfect for making your Smartphone clicks, selfies, and portraits look like they have been taken from a professional-grade camera.
  • Exclusive Photo Effects: Fotor also features lots of fonts, filters, stickers, and more which will make your photo look stunning and unique post-editing. Many of the photo effects are also exclusive to Fotor, which you won’t be able to find on any other photo editing tool out there.

Is Fotor Worth It?

Even though there are several professional photo editing tools out there, most of them are OS-dependent standalone software and are aimed towards, well, the “professional” photographers.

If you are someone who is interested in having a professional-level photo editing tool that is easy to use as an amateur editor, and if you wish to have access to the tool online without having to install the editing tool on your computer, then the Fotor online photo editing tool is the perfect choice for you.

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