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Fotor Review – A Free Online Photo Editor Simplified Design Process

When a person without photo design and processing skills tries to search for photo editor, there are usually two kinds of results: First, Google recommends complex photo editors such as Photoshop Illustrator and InDesign on its Previous pages, and they all hint at the amazing improvements that learning these tools can bring to their abilities, but those are all unexpectedly avoided mentioning that choosing them will be accompanied by a steep learning curve. On the other hand, you may find solutions that can be said to be very simple and completely automated but spend too much time on making a right choice, which means that finding an easy-to-use online photo editor that doesn’t restrict your creativity is tougher than it might seem. However, through this review, you will be suddenly enlightened.


Fotor is an innovative free and practical photo editor to make your life easier, and what I like most about Fotor is that it can help me edit those gorgeous photos, add filters, add effects, frames and text easily, as an amateur photographer. And with the help of a bunch of cute stickers and graphic design templates from Fotor, I can even decorate my social media post make it more attractive, which brings a lot of new fans for me.

Obviously, this tool has three clear features:

  • Create a Design – designed templates for social media graphics cards, invitations, posters, flyers, banners and more.
  • Edit a Photo –  massive photo effects and filters, portrait retouching, HDR, etc.
  • Make a Collage – super easy collage maker with classic, artistic and funky templates, and you can size however you need.
  1. Create a Design

It is said that good wine needs no bush, however, with the rapid development of the Internet, this idea is probably outdated. If you want to promote good products, personal brand and even just in order to perform the design task of a team or learning group brilliantly, I mean without the help of professional tool and proficient skill, your efforts are likely to be buried in the ocean.

Fortunately, I’m glad to find that the functions and options on Fotor work a little like a mixture of Picmonkey and Canva, so the learning curve is very low. Let’s take the social media poster for promotion as an example:

Wait a minute, graphic design tips you may need to know before start:

poster design is one of the manifestations of visual communication. It attracts people’s eyes in the first time and gets instantaneous stimulation through the composition of the layout. This requires designers to integrate the elements of picture, text, color, space and so on, and display propaganda information to people in an appropriate form —— Forget it! Truth is we do not need to know this crazy complexed stuffs since Fotor already has thousands of templates with a good sense of style for us.


If you have infinite inspiration every day, this function can also completely satisfy you, let you release your imagination and create your own unique works without the help of templates. No matter what situation you are in, click “Create a Design” and you can figure it out.


Besides, combine these templates’ basic element with your DIY ideas also makes work easily and creatively.

  1. Edit a photo

Whoever you are, you can’t escape the temptation to participate in social media anytime, anywhere. People nowadays are always posting something, go shopping with your girls and tweet your enjoy times,take travel with your lover and show off your sweet moment on Instagram, etc.

Whatever those photos were, we always try to make it looks better. After you click “Edit a photo” to start, using Fotor to beautified (such as add filter, text, sticker, etc. find more at left toolbar) pictures in 3 minutes!

  1. Make a Collage

When people see this feature with many arts and classic collage templates, I believe you will be very excited. Most people always have selective phobias and are too obsessed with the layout. So that they try to make it look just right and cooler.

It’s not easy, friends, I mean it’s really hard to make a decision.

This online photo collage really elevates and fast-tracks collage image creation.

For example, I got some gorgeous photo from my Pinterest, then here’s a screenshot of the Fotor collage page with the collage template that I selected:

My goal is to create something unique for my social media, coupled with a quote (still working on it to cherish youth. By the way, the “Lock” feature on top toolbar is super helpful to keep elements in place and their cloud is essential for keeping work organized.

Well, this feature does put a smile on my face.


After trying so many photo editing tools, simple ones like Canva, professional ones like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, I still can’t live without this easy online photo editor. Subjectively speaking, I think it really combines the depth of professional tools with the convenience of non-professional tools. Searching for a perfect image editing tool on the internet is like fishing for a needle in the ocean.

Try Fotor, and maybe you’ll be as excited as Columbus’s discovery of America.

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