Sure, we all have fun playing Fortnite. But there is the old age issue of being able to play with friends who may have opted to play the games we love on a different platform. This often means that we don’t get to play the games we want to with the people we want to. Thankfully, there are some cases where we are able to do so in the form of crossplay. In this instance, Fortnite is able to do so, between consoles and PC. This includes Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC players all being able to play together. If this is something that interests you, then finish up perusing the Fortnite item shop and check out this guide on how to join your friends from other platforms.

How to Set Up Fortnite Crossplay

You may be wondering how crossplay actually works. What will happen once you have made your way into the lobby with your crossplay friends, you will then enter into a lobby where the highest performing platform is. But first, of course, we need to know how to begin with the setup.

To start with, players will need to have their Epic Games account at the ready. They can then befriend another’s Epic Games account, thus making a cross-platform friends list. You will need to have your friend’s Epic username or email address to hand before you can do so.

After you have befriended each other through your Epic Games accounts, you will then be able to join a lobby together. It may go without saying, but make sure that you have selected Duos or Squad mode to play together. You will also want to have your privacy settings set to either Public or Friends.

Crossplay Setbacks

Unfortunately, crossplay isn’t without its issues. It tends to work pretty well on most platforms, though this isn’t always the case when it comes to mobile players. There are some known problems for mobile players in these situations, and given that the crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One was only brought in a matter of months ago, then you may experience some technical troubles.

Another problem with crossplay is the voice chat. This can especially affect those who are playing without the capabilities of using voice chat. The reason that this is a primary issue is that Fortnite doesn’t actually offer its own cross-platform chat mechanic. With that in mind, you should probably look into finding a third-party source in which you can all chat together without losing the ability to plan your strategy with your fellow crossplaying teammates.

So crossplaying with friends on other platforms is relatively easy to perform, since you simply just have to connect to each other’s Epic Games account. Sure, it does have its drawbacks under certain circumstances. But overall, many will be thankful that Epic Games has given the opportunity for those on other platforms are able to play together. It is something that we are seeing more of in the gaming industry as of late, in terms of seeing more games being cross-platform. Hopefully, this is a trend that continues going forward, and we see a lot more choices than the limited amount we have now in which we can play with others, regardless of the platform that we choose to play on.

Have you tried this Fortnite Crossplay method? Let us know your thoughts about crossplaying in the comments section below!