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Flock 2.0 adds support for teams, brings new interface for both mobile and desktop

Flock has released a new update for its users called the Flock 2.0. The new update brings a slew of features such as introduction of groups on Flock, along with a slew key changes to its core design and aspects.

From now on, any user can create and join multiple Teams on Flock using company or free domain email. Users have the ability to create teams for the entire organisation, an external community or  even a project. Flock now offers every Team a personalised URL, to make it easy for users to invite, discover and join the Team. Besides, there’s also an option to create distinct groups within a Team to keep conversations more focused.

In addition, apps can now be seen front and center in Flock 2.0, with the addition of a new side panel and app launcher bar. According to the company, the Flock app store currently features 28 apps.

“We realize that there is a vast ecosystem of teams and communities outside typical organizations, and Flock stands relevant for them. With Flock 2.0, we have truly put team communication at the centre of its offering – a Team can be at an organizational level, department specific or even an interest based external community. We are really excited about this update, as now we have made Flock’s powerful features and apps available to a wide range of users,” said Bhavin Turakhia, Founder and CEO of Flock.

Furthermore, Flock has enhanced admin capabilities to help manage teams and securities much effectively. Users get the option to keep membership for their organisation automatic or an invite basis only. Flock even allows large organisations to block external contacts.  While team admins can restrict files sharing and invite permissions for other members.

Flock 2.0 also brings a refreshed intuitive interface for both mobile and desktop clients, with a dedicated panel for teams and apps. With Teams’ panel, users can create, access and switch among multiple Teams. Users can even access their frequently used apps from the dedicated Apps Launcher Bar. The Flock 2.0 update is available for Desktop (Windows and Mac), Web and Mobile (iOS and Android).


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