Flipkart to launch monthly ‘Big Exchange Days’ programme starting 1st and 2nd February

India’s most popular e-commerce portal, Flipkart, announced the launch of ‘Big Exchange Days’ – a monthly exchange programme for the smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and washing machines. Starting from 1st and 2nd February, this new programme is scheduled on the 1st and 2nd of every month.

Flipkart’s Big Exchange Days will offer customers the chance for an easy upgrade and exchange facility across a range of categories. And for a good end-to-end experience for customers, every delivery executive have been trained to understand the process along with the exchange quality check procedures.

Flipkart’s Chief Business Officer – Ankit Nagori said that in India, an average cycle for replacing a handset and televisions is 18-24 months. Customers are continuously seeking to upgrade to the new model, but disposing off the previously owned devices has always been an obstacle. And with Big Exchange Days, Flipkart will help its customers upgrade to their latest favourites in an easy way and expect this programme to drive 20% of the sales in these categories by the end of this year.

For smartphones and tablets, the screen, IMEI number and overall condition of the products will be checked by the delivery executive at the hand-to-hand exchange point. For televisions, the delivery executive will have to mount it and check the conditions of the product. Whereas, for the products like washing machine, laptops, etc. the delivery person switches on the product to check if it’s in good shape or not.

The Big Exchange Day programme is available across a range of electronic products and customers can avail this on the app, desktop and Flipkart Lite.


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