Flipkart Mobile Bonanza Sales: Complete list of Realme smartphones getting discounted

realme gt master edtion 5g

Flipkart is hosting the Mobile Bonaza Sale on its site which is going to be live from February 9 and run till February 14. Realme, one of the leading smartphone brands in India has stated they are going to be part of all the fun and will be offering exciting offers and killer deals on several of its most sought after smartphones. The company also said the same offers can be availed of from their own retail site, realme.com as well.

Among the more exciting deals, available include a flat Rs. 3,000 prepaid discount on Realme GT, 8 GB + 128 GB model.

Then there is a Rs. 2,000 prepaid discount on Realme GT Neo 2 and Rs 1,500 prepaid discount on Realme 8.

Similarly, there are discounts available on a number of other smartphones which include the Realme C21Y, Realme C25Y, Realme C25-Y, Realme Narzo 30, Realme X7 Max along with other smartphones. There are also bank offers from the HDFC bank that can be availed of when buying the Realme GT series of smartphones.

Here is the complete list of smartphones as well as the discount applicable on those during the Mobile Bonaza Sales.

Model NameVariantMOPPP/ BUP OffersBank OfferRemarks
narzo 50A*4+128INR 12499No OfferYes 
narzo 50A*4+64INR 11499No OfferYes 
realme 8*4+128INR 15999INR 1500 Prepaid/BUPOK 
realme 8i*4+64INR 13999No OfferYes 
realme 8i*6+128INR 15999No OfferYes 
realme 8s 5G*6+128INR 17999No OfferYes 
realme 8s 5G*8+128INR 19999No OfferYes 
realme C11(2021)*2+32INR 7499No OfferYes 
realme C21 Y*3+32INR 9499INR 1750 Prepaid/BUPYes 
realme C25Y*/C25-Y*4+1281INR 1999INR 2000 Prepaid/BUPYes 
realme C25Y*/C25-Y*4+641INR 0999INR 1500 Prepaid/BUPYes 
realme GT12+256INR 41999No OfferNOHDFC BO will remain same for GT Series.
realme GT8+128INR 37999INR 3000 Prepaid/BUPNO
realme GT ME6+128INR 25999No OfferNO
realme GT ME8+128INR 27999No OfferNO
realme GT ME8+256INR 29999No OfferNO
realme GT NEO2 5G12+256INR 35999INR 2000 Prepaid/BUPNO
realme GT NEO2 5G8+128INR 31999INR 2000 Prepaid/BUPNO
realme 9i*6+128INR 15999No OfferYes 
realme 9i*4+64INR 13999No OfferYes 
narzo 30*4+6413499INR 1000 Prepaid/BUPYes 
narzo 30*6+12815499INR 1000 Prepaid/BUPYes 
realme 8 5G*4+12816499No OfferYes 
realme 8 5G*8+12818499No OfferYes 
realme X7 Max*12+25629999INR 3000 Prepaid/BUPYes 
realme X7 Max*8+12826999INR 3000 Prepaid/BUPYes 
realme C20*2+32INR 7499No OfferYes 



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