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Flipkart enhances online shopping experience, introduces ‘Ping’ feature in their app

New Delhi: Flipkart, one of the largest online shopping platforms in India, finally takes a great turn and introduces ‘ping’ to enhance their in-app features just after a lot of hoo-ha about Snapdeal’s launching ‘Shopo’ app last month.

Ping will allow Flipkart customers to abandon the age-old custom of solo online shopping and have them enjoy shopping while staying connected to their friends and families.

As per Flipkart’s CPO, Punit Soni, the company has brought about a wonderful blend of shopping and chatting that will enthrall the users of Flipkart even more. People love to shop with their friends and family and till date online shopping had been a lonesome experience.

To end up this culture and fill some colors in the world of online purchasing, this new feature has been introduced by the Flipkart using which people will be able to chat with their dear ones while shopping for their favorite items. They can discuss online and then select things to be purchased.


According to the company’s spokesperson, this step was necessary to be taken as near about 70% of their business generates from mobile users and this feature will be like a reward to those Flipkart users.

What makes this in-app feature even more exciting is the ability that it imparts the users to share their screens and browse for any products and then shop together.

As of now, Flipkart users operating on Android and iOS devices will be able to use ‘Ping’ via invite only mode as this in-app feature is still going through its beta developmental stage.

Talking about Ping’s interface, it holds similarities to that of Facebook Messenger.

Sharing real time experiences with the dear ones while shopping online by texting them, sending photos and emoticons, will be real fun and an immensely enjoyable experience.

Hopefully, this merger of e-commerce and social networking would enable the company to grab at a much bigger clientele.

Yes, just like offline shopping, you can get your dear ones opinions while taking decisions about what to spend your money in and what not in. The feedback delivered by them on any product you are planning to buy will help you take a wise decision.

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