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Flare Sentry DNS Blocker and Browser Extension Package launches on Kickstarter

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The biggest issue with DNS filtering is that users need to maintain their own lists to get the best out of a DNS blocker and add new URLs proactively. Not everyone has access to a network of honeypots to collate current threats, however. Scammers have access to public lists, so it is not long before they set up new a DNS that bypasses all of the filterings the home user has in place.

While a DNS blocker ensures the network devices don’t connect to malicious URLs, browsers still fall foul to on-page scams, malicious links and malware. Further, user experience is hampered by trackers, data brokers and web beacons that account for a huge percentage of http overhead. This not only slows down browsing speed but also means the user is tracked whilst online and shown prices & advertisements that may not be totally legitimate.

Flare Sentry addresses virtually these concerns, and then some. The package comprises a state of the art DNS blocker – flareDNS – to ensure all devices on the network are protected from malicious connections. The blocklist ensures adult, email malware/phishing links, botnets, crypto mining URLs, ransomware and similar links never connect to the network. IoT devices such as smart TV’s, lightbulbs, Alexa etc. also receive comprehensive protection and can be checked at all times from an intuitive dashboard. It enables the user to visualize common offenders, and block/whitelist on the fly, with detailed reports for further investigation.

flareDNS uses a proprietary blocklist which is constantly evolving. By utilizing a network of honeynets/honeypots, community lists, government-sponsored and independently produced threat intel reports, the DNS blocklist is perpetually updated with the latest threats & URLs. By tracking the usage of hosting, DNS and IPs used by scammers & hackers, CybX Security says they are able to proactively defend against new threats.

Flare Sentry also provides endpoint protection in the form of Flare Browser Controller – a Chrome and Firefox extension that offers a vast array of privacy & security features. Features: intelligent ad blocking, tracker & web beacon blocking, data broker and analytical technology blocking. The extension blocks advertisements that industry-standard blockers miss, as they have zero loyalty to these companies (unlike some blockers who have deals with ad networks).

There is an unequivocal link between fake download links and ransomware/malware, and the extension ensures these fake banners & links are blocked as standard. Other scripts & code that adblockers normally miss are blocked, which also increases the page load speed. Overall, with 70% less http overhead, the browser controller alone improves the experience of any browser user – whether it is for home or business. Flare Browser Controller also enables you to visualize & control the connections in an intuitive map view, viewing all connections to a website – blocked or allowed.

Flare Sentry is available from just $129 exclusively on Kickstarter, and available to both home and organizations. Find out more here: Flare Sentry.

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