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Five Worthwhile Reasons to Reject a Tech Job Candidate

As a tech employer, your task is to hire the right people—and that’s a lot of pressure. There are so many countless factors that go into the decision of who to hire or not, but it can be hard to know if something was offensive or wrong enough to warrant rejection. With so much pressure to perform in the tech world, it’s even harder for HR managers to trust their judgment.  However, in some cases, rejection is fully warranted.

So, what are these practical reasons to reject a tech job candidate? Read on to find out.

1. Disqualifying Offenses Found in Background Check

First and foremost, you are fully entitled to reject a potential job candidate due to disqualifying offenses found in their background check. Certain information like past sexual offenses, a poor driving record, or falsified educational credentials can disqualify a tech candidate and allow you to take adverse action if a job offer is already on the table.

If you’re wondering, “What is adverse action?” it’s legal jargon from the Fair Credit Reporting Act that refers to the notice you must provide in this scenario.

2. A “WIIFM” Attitude

A “What’s In It For Me?” aka a WIIFM attitude, means that the candidate is looking at the opportunity from the vantage point of how it will help them, rather than a “How Can I Help?” attitude, which shows the difference in perspective.

This negative WIIFM attitude is more common in the tech industry, so be careful. You want a worker who is in it for the good of the company, not just themselves.

3. Late to Interview or Slow to Respond

Nothing hurts more than when you’re excited about a candidate, and they’re twenty minutes late for their interview. While some hiring managers may look past this, lateness can signify the applicant’s punctuality overall and level of forethought. The lack of care could foreshadow some potential issues you may face working with them down the road.

Similarly, suppose someone is slow to respond to email correspondence, and the tech job you’re hiring for requires fast turnaround times and good communication skills. Their delayed reply could be a sign that they’re not the right fit.

4. Lack of References

A candidate may interview well, but if they lack the references to confirm their experience, you’re taking a risk by hiring them.

A lack of references can mean a few things, and they’re usually not good. It could mean they had bad relationships with past managers, are lying about past work experience, or lack the experience that the job requires.

5. Questionable Digital Presence

For companies hiring in the tech or digital space, employee reputation matters. More and more, HR departments peruse social media of potential workers before making hiring decisions. One report found that 90% of employers consider an applicant’s social media while hiring.

If something unsavory or inappropriate comes up, that can be a big red flag.

Your new hire will represent your company, online and in real life, and a lousy digital and social presence can be a dealbreaker.

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

There are usually tons of applicants in today’s competitive tech job market, but only a few will meet the requirements and expectations.

If any of your applicants display any of the five red flags listed above, you’re well within your rights to pass on them. The right person will come along eventually, and you’ll be glad you waited.

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