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Five Work-at-Home Computer Tips That’ll Save You Time

Are you now working from home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? Remote work has skyrocketed since the pandemic began, and while many people have taken well to this shift, others have found it to be a challenge.

Certainly, many parts of your job changed when you went from working in an office to working at home. But undoubtedly, one thing stayed the same: The importance of your computer. Actually, your computer has probably become even more important to you.

Because of this, it’s worth spending some time honing and enhancing your computer skills. When’s the last time you updated your software, for example? Do you find yourself losing files or wasting time doing tedious tasks?

Time is money. And if you can save time using your computer and getting your work done, you should do it. Below, we’ve provided 5 tips for better work-at-home efficiency when using your computer.

1. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Did you know that Ctrl+Z is a quick keyboard shortcut for “undo”? Or, what about Ctrl+X for “cut,” Ctrl+C for “copy,” and Ctrl+V for “paste”?

PCs have numerous keyboard shortcuts that can save you time when typing, editing, and navigating the Internet. Everyone should know these shortcuts so they can save time clicking. There are shortcuts for printing, underlining, italicizing, bolding, minimizing windows, maximizing windows, opening the Start Menu, closing current windows, opening new tabs, and much more. Find a list of highly useful shortcuts here.

2. Declutter your files on a regular basis.

Storage management is always a big problem when it comes to computer work. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably ended up downloading files that you never actually use, mislabeling folders and then having duplicates, misplacing important files, and accidentally deleting others.

All of these blunders can be omitted or at least curtailed with some simple decluttering, done on a regular basis.

Unless you have an intricate file and folder system already in place somewhere else on your computer, you probably organize most of your files and folders on your desktop, so this is where you should focus your time. Set aside just five to 10 minutes a week to declutter your desktop. Simply go through every file and folder there, and either get rid of, save, or file away everything.

To help you with the bigger decluttering, consider downloading a free PC cleaner. PC cleaners can help you eliminate unnecessary and useless files, folders, applications, and more in an automated fashion, so you don’t have to do a thing. The best PC cleaners are all-in-one disc, cleaning managers. They’ll free up space for you and help stabilize your system and optimize your disk space storage safely and securely.

3. Find key information faster.

Here’s a quick one: Use Ctrl+F to “find” something on basically any page — from documents to websites.

Let’s say you are looking for a webpage that discusses a unique and rarely-used term. There’s not much information on the term available, so you’re not sure which webpage will offer you the information you need.

In this scenario, what you could do is open several different web pages — all of which may have the term information you need. Then, on each page, use Ctrl+F to search for the term. This shortcut will automatically show you where on the page the term is used (if at all). It will save you tons of time as you’ll be able to avoid the tediousness of manually scanning each page for a mention of the term.

4. Have your browser or computer save your username and passwords.

If you are used to entering your username and password manually every time you go to a webpage where you have an account, stop this immediately! Browsers and PCs themselves both have username and password saving capabilities that are completely safe and secure. Allow these programs to save your login credentials and save time when navigating the Internet and logging in with the software.

5. Get rid of distractions for more efficiency in your work.

Finally, stop wasting time browsing social media, shopping online, and reading the latest news and gossip.

We all know how easy it can be to skip over to a new tab and check your bank account or track a package when you should be working. To keep your mind focused, use a program like Freedom.

Freedom and other programs like it block certain sites for certain periods of time. It’s a way to cut distractions and actually remove your ability to interrupt your work. For example, you can tell Freedom that you want it to block sites X, Y, and Z for 30 minutes while you work.

Focusing in this way makes you more efficient, and that’s exactly what we’re after when it comes to streamlining your computer use while working at home.

Get your work done faster and better so you can spend more time doing the things you truly enjoy.

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