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Five Ways to Remodel your IT Strategy in 2019


Has your business taken a look at your IT strategy recently? In today’s modern world, it’s important that businesses are using the most up-to-date software, not only to remain competitive but to protect valuable data. The demands your network faces on a day to day basis are greater than ever. Without upgraded network infrastructure, you run the risk of leaving your network vulnerable to attacks. Don’t just remodel your office–here are 5 ways to remodel your IT strategy in 2019.

Does Your IT Strategy Need to be Remodeled? Here’s How to Tell

Are applications are running slowly? Do programs keep crashing? Have you experienced a security breach, or is your organization just expanding quickly? It’s probably time to consider a remodel to your IT strategy.

Like many people, you’re probably not sure where to get started. After all, improving your network or IT system is an extensive project that can impact every single user within your organization. Network traffic has been shown to increase yearly, and by the end of this year, it is expected to triple from last year’s number as more devices come online.


What to Do to Overhaul Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

If your company is planning an upgrade of your IT system, there are a few ways that you can do it. Start by developing a plan to decide the type of enhancements that are best for the organization. While some businesses may decide to perform a complete overhaul of their IT systems, others may find solutions to enhance their IT strategy without actually breaking it down.

  1. Upgrade to a new network solution–if your network has been creating problems for employees, the company may need to upgrade their servers. Companies often underestimate the sheer impact that such an undertaking can have on an organization. Develop a long-term plan to identify your needs now, and years from now. Determine your rollout strategy to put a timeframe on the upgrade and keep users informed. Just in case you’ll also want to have a strategy in place that allows backing out from the changes, in case of problems arise. Finally, train support staff to ensure the new network is properly managed once implemented. This means documenting changes, how they will work, and how the network will be maintained by staff.
  • Embrace the Cloud – Cloud storage is vital for so many reasons. Besides not having to store boxes of paper files, there will be less hardware to maintain, and files can be accessed from anywhere, not just work computers connected to a single mainframe. This means that if there is an emergency, staff can handle the problem from any location, rather than needing to be in the office. Cloud computing and storage allows for a relatively high amount of flexibility. You only pay for what you actually need, instead of a flat fee.
  • Replace ageing equipment–according to a study from Microsoft, the average age of business computers is approximately 4.4 years. Since the average lifespan of most computers is approximately 5 years, it’s likely that most offices are long overdue for an upgrade. Outdated computer equipment is more likely to fail or experience problems, leading to more downtime and potentially higher costs or lost business. The initial investment on the front end may seem like a lot but will actually save money in the long term.
  • Backup your data–you just never know when disaster will strike, leaving your data vulnerable. Losing valuable data can spell disaster for even the most seasoned organization. If you are unsure which information you should back up, meet with an IT consultant to determine which data is the most critical to your operations. This will provide an extra layer of critical protection for your data.
  • Secure your network–possibly the most important step in 2019 is to secure your network. Hackers and attackers are becoming more and more clever, finding new ways to gain access to sensitive data. It is presumptuous to think that only large corporations can experience security attacks. The reality is that hackers are looking for insecure systems to exploit, no matter the size. Companies can protect themselves by installing the most up-to-date security solutions across all machines, as well as performing regular security audits across your entire network.

If your company is a non-profit, federal, or state organization, grant funding is an important part of the day to day business. Effectively managing these funds can be a challenge, which is why you need a secure network to run your grants management system. Protecting data is critical for any organization, particularly one that receives grants. Don’t let out-of-date IT infrastructure threaten the security of your organization or your funding sources. Use these tips to effectively remodel your company’s IT Structure in 2019, to ensure security for years to come.