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Five ways to prime your Facebook Shop for maximum holiday sales

The holidays are filled with excitement, joy, price slashes, great giveaways and of course, amazing sales. Everyone who owns a business wants to own a piece of the $143.7 billion holiday online retail market, selling everything from farm produce to spare parts, baby powder, travel bouquets, etc.

Because of this, competition is rife, and retailers must bring their A-game if they hope to see sales soar past the roofs. One of the ways to do this is by offering a unified, omnichannel online retail experience.

One of the best places to extend this is social media, and one of the best social networks to do this is Facebook.

Why? 2.7 billion people use it daily, 80 million other smart SMBs have Facebook Pages, where nearly a third of them spend billions in adverts. Thanks to Facebook Shop, shoppers can now shop online, onsite or in-app, on Facebook.

So, What is Facebook Shop?

Facebook Shop a.k.a Facebook Store is a business page feature designed to allow merchants to show and sell their products. With billions of FB users, store owners can sell to a potentially huge and growing market. In addition, it helps build brand awareness, personal connection, and engagement; all essential sales drivers.

What’s more? FB Shop supports third-party e-commerce platform integration. This means you can easily connect your Shopify or other third-party online stores, to your Facebook Shop, further strengthening your social commerce strategy this holiday season.

Some Examples of Facebook Shops We Can’t Stop Loving 

A large social media following, a growing audience or both, are key to topping the leaderboard as a great Facebook shop. The following shops came in based on their online presence; products and sales as well as Facebook shop optimization.

5) eBay

With 11m likes and counting, it’s no surprise that eBay is on this list. It is a popular marketplace for buyers and sellers worldwide. It started as an online auction website in 1995 and has evolved into selling a wide variety of goods and services, and they have a great Facebook Shop to prove it!

4) Rosegal

Sitting on top of 12m likes is Rosegal, an online retail store created by a group of fashion-loving friends. They focus on vintage-style/classic fashion products that appeal to the fashion-conscious consumer. And yes, we love their Facebook Shop.

3) Avon

This beauty & makeup company generates about $9 billion in annual revenue. They run a direct-sales model with 6 million sales reps worldwide. Their FB Page has over 21m likes. Avon’s FB Page/Shop features catchy product photos, posts, live tutorials, etc.

2) Lazada

With 28m likes, Singapore-based Lazada has transformed into one of South-East Asia’s retail leaders, selling a range of items from gadgets to baby products. Their store features discounts, giveaways and holiday season deals.

1) Amazon

With 29m likes, a successful referral program, high-quality images and video content that gets serious engagement on their Facebook Page, Amazon FB Shop is worth a second look.

Holiday Season: A Great Time to Set Up Facebook Shop

Here are a few reasons why holidays are a great time to set up a Facebook shop:

  • It is a $120bn+ market worldwide.
  • Facebook integrates with third party e-commerce platforms to offer seamless in-app shopping experience.
  • 53% of holiday shoppers in 2018 responded to ads on Facebook.

So whether it is Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, Christmas, Boxing Day or New Year, a Facebook shop is a great way to make sales during the holiday season.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Shop for Holiday Sales

Facebook shop optimization is a necessary step to get more sales this season.

Below are five (5) Facebook Shop tips for better holiday sales:

1) Set Up Correctly

You can set yourself up for success this holiday by following Facebook Shop guidelines when setting up your FB Page and Shop. Little details like name, address, email, website address, logo, cover photo/video, etc, can help shoppers identify you.

This becomes even more important when you have competitors with similar names in the same industry, or fraudsters trying to impersonate your brand. By verifying your page, for instance, you add a stamp of originality.

Also observe SEO best practices (when describing or naming your page, store, or products) as a growing number of consumers now carry out research online before buying. By optimizing for certain holiday shopping keywords; you can win new customers via Facebook search.

2) Use High-Quality Videos and Images 

Product photography is the key to online sales. It is no different for your FB Shop. As shoppers carry out online product research before buying, they will come across several product photos on comparison engines and in other stores, as they search. And they will visually scrutinize each product to wear, tear, etc. In fact, reports say 93% of buyers consider visual experience as a key purchase factor.

One of the best ways to stand out from the retail crowd or differentiate is via effective product photography and listing. There are the image and video size guidelines when uploading content to your store.

By following these guidelines, you optimize your images and product photography. Also, consider using holiday-themed photos to capture the season. These can cause holiday shoppers and browsers to look, like and buy your listed products.

3) Write Effective Product Descriptions

A photo, they say, is worth a thousand words, but you’ll still need to write a product description for products in your FB Shop. Facebook allows shop owners to create custom product descriptions to market their products.

When writing product descriptions, include keywords that holiday shoppers are likely to use when searching. This increases your chances of turning up tops in search results.

An effective product description is a sales pitch that focuses on benefits customers will derive from buying or using your products. It should make potential buyers visualize themselves using your products, and should include at least one call-to-action. Remember to include holiday themes.

4) Run Targeted Ads; Using Deals, Promos & Offers 

Running Facebook Ads is another way to boost store traffic to your FB Shop this holiday season. These ads allow for hyper-targeting, with which you can target very specific demographics, which beats the spray-and-pray technique.

This way you save money on ads, reduce spend, increase reach, impressions, conversions, and ROI.  Include deals, promos and offers in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season.

Facebook Ads can be costly and ineffective if not managed properly. Employ best practices with image, video and copy when creating your ads. Interestingly, you can also cross-promote your ads to Instagram.

5) Use a Referral System 

Ask your friends, family, groups, connections, and even customers to refer to someone. In return, you can offer them discounts, free shipping or other incentives for every buyer that converts.

You can also introduce a commissioned referral system like Amazon Affiliates or Jumia J-Force. For every buyer they refer to, they get a fixed commission. This can encourage them to bring you buyers in their thousands.

You can also offer redeemable points for every purchase. The more shoppers buy, the more they earn, and the more they can buy in turn. All of these can inspire holiday shoppers this season.


One of the most effective customer retention strategies this season is excellent customer service. As you carry out 1-5 above, chances are your store traffic will soar.

If you selected messaging as your preferred checkout method during FB Shop setup, be sure to have enough hands to respond to order and other customer requests via Messenger. Otherwise, all your marketing efforts will go to waste due to poor customer service.

What other ways are you optimizing your Facebook Shop this holiday?

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