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Five Ways To Instantly Buy Bitcoin With Debit or Credit Card

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is acceptable almost worldwide. It is for the people, of the people, and by the people. But since it is digital and several lies were spread around regarding the same that it is fake, and you can only incur losses while buying cryptos. Unfortunately, not all of us can mine cryptocurrencies. And not every one of us operates on the dark web or gamble on online gaming sites where we can get Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Just like how we purchase any product or any other currency, you need to have proper systems where you can purchase using your credit or debit cards. Here in this article, I’ll guide you through 5 places where you can buy Bitcoin using your cards.

5 Platforms Where You Can Use Credit/Debit Card For Buying Bitcoin

There are many legitimate sites available right now that have started accepting cards for Bitcoin. Let me tell you the main reason as to why these are so few is that Bitcoin is irreversible. This doesn’t mean that you would mistakenly sponsor the joker rather than Batman; it just means that money once transferred is lost forever. You can’t refund back.

  1. Coinmama
  2. Coinbase
  3. CEX.IO
  4. Wirex
  5. Binance

How To Buy Bitcoin On Conimama With Debit or Credit Card?

Now to keep it short and simple, please don’t curse me as I am not going to explain every site. To be honest, even if you are looking for the site that is the safest, most secure, and you can exchange the currency easily, right? Coinmama is one such website. You can purchase Bitcoins without any problems directly with your credit or debit card and your investment can make you a bitcoin billionaire. Imagine having your wallet in someone else’s pocket. The cringe here is exactly what I felt. That’s why I recommended this one.

Now I do understand human psychology. That’s why let’s jump to the main topic, which is where I show you five steps to buy Bitcoin using Credit Card/Debit Card. The process is quite simple and rather the same across every crypto exchange.

  1. Create your account: Create your own account on your cryptocurrency exchange of choice and fill in valid details.
  2. Get yourself verified: If anyone could just buy coins from random credit cards, cryptos would never reach the moon.
  3. KYC verification: Even registering at a simple UPI required you to complete KYC. The same is needed here as well.
  4. Register yourself for the wallet: If you have directly jumped to this section, I’ll skip this point too. You haven’t?
  5. Trade: What else? Select Bitcoin from the cryptocurrency list, enter your details, and voila! Start buying Bitcoins!


So here were the 5 Ways To Instantly Buy Bitcoin With Debit or Credit Card. Remember that you need to take care of your security and safety first. If you liked this article, comment on your favorite part in the comments section below!

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