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Five ways to earn money as a gamer

In 2018, a player that goes by the name of Tfue earned $465,425 by playing Fortnite. Saahil Arora, competing in professional tournaments, won over a million dollars in a single tournament back in 2015. Do you want to know how they got to that point?

Are you interested in making a profit by taking gaming to a whole new level? Whether you play the most popular MMO games or Aussie online casino, you can make an actual profit if you do things right.

So what exactly can you do to earn money from gaming? Here are a few options we are going to expand on later:

  1. Sign up to professional tournaments
  2. Earn money for live streaming
  3. Write about all aspects of gaming
  4. Host your own podcast
  5. Create top-notch gaming guides

Those are five of the most common ways gamers get to make a profit while doing what they love most. However, turning your gaming experience into a job is not a child’s play.

Each of those career options requires a lot of time, effort, and determination, so be prepared to work hard if you are interested in earning cash while playing the best games out there.

What You Need to Do

Participating in professional tournaments

If you are a serious gamer and you know that you are the best of the best, why not prove it? Compete against the best gamers out there, and maybe you will be able to win lucrative prizes.

However, it should be noted that tournaments feature specific games that can award you with lucrative prizes, while the side events are for entertainment purposes only. So if you want to earn money from a tournament, you have to be a pro at the game that is featured as the main event.

In some cases, you will be able to demonstrate your abilities as a solo player, but more often than not, you have to participate in those tournaments as a part of a team.

Some of the biggest games that are featured in those events are League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The prize pool can reach millions of dollars, which can be worth your while if your team is strong.

Live Streaming Your Gameplay

A lot of amateur gamers and fans of specific games enjoy watching strong players do their thing. Nowadays, the most popular live-stream platform is Twitch, but YouTube is not a bad option as well.

If you manage to attract the attention of the masses, you can make money by featuring ads, or relying on the generosity of your fans – profiting from subscriptions and donations.

However, if you are interested in making a real profit from live-streaming, you have to work hard on convincing people to watch you. After all, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of gamers just like you trying to make a profit. So make sure that you stand out, and provide your audience with a spectacular experience they won’t be able to forget.

Writing about Gaming

The gaming industry is vibrant and ever-changing, and people are always eager to learn about the newest changes. There are plenty of gaming blogs and websites that hire freelancers to write about gaming news, come up with game reviews, and interview players.

It is not the most lucrative job in the world, but once you prove yourself and you establish your portfolio, things will become much easier.

Hosting Your Own Podcast

Creating your podcast or a YouTube channel is similar to live-streaming, but it allows you to be more innovative and creative. Your podcast can be about anything and everything gaming related – from discussions about the latest news to interviews with professional gamers – as long as you are funny and original.

Just like with live-streaming, you have to be interesting enough to make people support you. If you have enough of an audience, you will be able to profit from ads, donations, and subscriptions.

Creating High-Quality Gaming Guides

A lot of players, especially newbies, are ready to pay some cash to learn how to improve their gaming abilities. If you want to sell your gaming guide, you have to follow a few simple rules: first and foremost, choose a popular game – that way, you will have more potential buyers.

Also, make sure that your guide is better than anything that can be found online. Make it fun, short, and simple to understand. Creating such a guide and getting it out there can take a while, so be ready to work hard!

In Conclusion

Nowadays, gaming is not only a hobby – it is a way of life, and a way to make a profit. So if you want to turn your love for gaming into your main source of income, there is a lot you can do – as long as you work hard for it. Are you ready to for an adventure of a lifetime?

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