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Five Ways to Create a Logo With No Experience

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It goes without saying that a logo is a deal-breaker. Given that logo is the first and the last thing a consumer sees most of the time before working with a business, it demands creativity and detail to send your message across. Oftentimes, hiring a graphic designer can feel extravagant, especially when you are starting a new business.

But creating a logo as an amateur isn’t difficult when you are tech-savvy and can maneuver your way around applications and websites. Even if you don’t know anything about it, the following tips can help you create a logo with no experience. Read on.

Logo Tool Maker

There are hundreds of options you can find over the internet to create a logo online for free, like Designhill’s logo creator. Most websites have stock design templates that help you navigate. However, it may limit you for the options, and tools when using the free version. On the other hand, some websites also offer plans to buy monthly and yearly membership. It enables you to use more options, tools, templates, and galleries.

The best part about buying a membership is the ability to remove the watermark in some websites that otherwise cannot be removed when using logo-making facilities for free. Moreover, you can download the file in various formats.

The interface and layout of these websites have made the logo designing process extremely easy. With images already present in the gallery and images that you can export from your computer gives you a multitude of possibilities. The process is straightforward; often, some websites have tutorials to get you started, otherwise you can give a quick search on youtube to find various tutorials from experts, for any website or logo maker.

Hire a Freelancer

There are various freelancing platforms to explore. With a bit of research, you can find decent logo designers offering services at very reasonable rates. Each freelancer has a catalog of previous works. Meanwhile, the reviews and feedback of previous buyers give you an idea of how experienced and knowledgeable a logo designer is.

Another fantastic thing about hiring a freelancer is looking for various services, including edits and revisions. Some freelancers offer you unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.

On top of all, freelancing platforms allow you to choose from a pool of resources. There will be room for bargaining, which will get you a better logo designer at cheap rates.

Work With a Graphic Design Agency

When you are working with an agency, you are making another person responsible for the task. The agency then takes on the responsibility to assign a particular graphic designer depending on the design of the logo.

For instance, some businesses can use an urban or sarcastic logo; meanwhile, some companies require a professional and sophisticated logo due to the nature of the audience. It is now the agency’s headache to manage their designers and bring the best logo for your gig. They also offer you some options with diverse ideas to choose from.

Take a Graphic Design Class

Sometimes your business has too much background for any outsider to understand. Also, most of the time, bringing your business from the ground up gets you incredibly invested.

Trusting someone else with such a grave decision is exceptionally perplexing. In this case, if you feel you have that aesthetic eye, where you can play with colors, typography, symbolism, then why not do it yourself?

You can always enroll in a graphic design class. Everything is available online. You can find individuals, universities, and programs conducting online courses. You can also find programs selective for your needs. For instance, you require Adobe to make a logo. It eliminates the need to learn other programs offered to learn graphic design, usually the case.

Download Logo Templates for Modification

Logo templates let you create a logo by playing with fonts, colors, customizable templates, and other placement options. There are various options on the internet, each offering a unique service.

Knowing what you want for the logo is a blessing, but if you aren’t too sure, you can explore using colors and various typographies to get the feel of various options. While you are exploring, keep saving various files, which you can later sift through. Sometimes looking at multiple designs helps you decide which particular logo is speaking most to you or your brand.

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