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Five ways apps can make your vacation better

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We all know that apps can make planning a vacation easier and more affordable. You can book a seat on a plane with the click of a button and you can find the best deal on a hotel room at your final destination, but did you know that apps can make your vacation better too?

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a vacation on Mackinac Island, MI, you’re taking the kids to Disney World, or you’re planning to lease a party bus in Tucson for an extended vacation, apps can help you do a lot more than finding the right airline and hotel room.

Find Things to Do in the Area

Most people spend hours combing over websites looking for fun things to do on vacation. Once the destination has been nailed down, it’s very tempting to buy all your event tickets and plan each meal to ensure every minute of your vacation is packed with fun things to do.

It’s actually better to do less planning because it can lead to more rewarding travel. It enables you to remain open to unique experiences when you get there, and apps can make it even easier.

Some apps show great restaurants that are located near where you’re staying, as well as monuments and attractions that you otherwise may never have found doing a Google search on the internet. Some apps can help you find great deals on last-minute tickets, and others can help you find local events and farmer’s markets that can be difficult to discover with a traditional online search.

Keep Everything Organized

Staying organized while travelling can be a huge challenge. Travel organizers can make things easier, but what about organizing things other than toothpaste and medication?

Apps can help you organize all that other stuff. For example:

  • TripIt can organize travel itineraries and important documents
  • Roadtrippers can help you plan and organize an epic road trip route
  • Packing Pro can help you decide exactly what you should pack

Catalogue Your Photos

Taking pictures while you’re on vacation is a must. Decades ago, it meant bringing along a few rolls of film and returning home with a few dozen images. With the convenience of cell phones, you could return home with hundreds of images, which makes organizing them a huge challenge.

Organizing vacation photos might mean doing things like using boxes to sort printed pictures or putting them in albums, but in today’s digital world, it means making sure they end up in the right folders. Apps can make doing that easier than ever.

For example, Google Photos can organize your photos according to the location where they were taken. With accompanying dates, you will have an automatic record of your trip without the need to sort your pictures by hand when you return home.

Create the Perfect Playlist

There are some very real psychological benefits of listening to music. It’s a great way to destress after a long day at work or get ready to slip away into dreamland, but it is also a great way to get you pumped before, during, and after your vacation!

Use an app to create the perfect playlist for a road trip, or play Disney tunes for the family before going to Disney World. When you get to your destination, you can create special playlists of the music you heard while on vacation. That way, you can feel like you’re on vacation all over again long after you return home.

Find the Nearest Bathroom

Some of the challenges that come with visiting a new place are obvious. For example, finding things to do and a place to stay are things you definitely need to get nailed down, but what if you have to go to the bathroom?

Following these tips to stay regular is a great first step, but that doesn’t mean emergency situations won’t arise. That’s especially the case if you’re travelling with young children.

Never worry about an emergency trip to the bathroom again with Flush. This app allows you to find the nearest public restroom without the frustration of having to pay for something you don’t want just to use an establishment’s bathroom. The app even shows bathrooms that require a key, so you can avoid that roadblock too.

Apps can make planning your vacation easier and more affordable, but it turns out, they can make your vacation just plain better too! With the apps on this list, you can ensure you enjoy every moment of your next vacation, no matter what your destination.

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