Five tricks you probably didn’t know your Chrome-Android combo can do

If you use Google Chome as the primary browser on your desktop and own an Android smartphone too, then you probably don’t know what can be done with this Google-Android combo. Apple Mac OS X comes with advanced features like Continuity allowing users to take a phone call and read messages on their MacBook. Google also packs some features in Chrome that make it more personal. Check out these tricks for Google Chrome, which will come in handy for you while working.

1. Find your Phone:

Find your Phone on Google Chrome is a life saver if you tend to leave your phone somewhere and then forget it. Google Chrome will pinpoint the exact location of your phone and will show it on your computer screen. For this, your phone should be signed into Google Now.

Just launch Google Chrome (The smartphone and Chrome should be signed in same Google account type “Find my Phone” and press enter. Google Chrome will show your phone’s location on the map.

2. Lock your smartphone remotely:

If you have accidently dropped your unlocked Android phone somewhere, and right now you are reading this article, then don’t worry. You can remotely lock your device by leaving a phone number on the lock screen and the person who founds it can reach out to you using that number.


You need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Sign into your Google Account and navigate to
  2. Select Lock then enter a phone number in phone number field and select Lock. 

Doing so will generate a call button on the lock screen. The founder can thus give you a callback and inform you about the phone.

3. Mirror Android smartphone screen to desktop:

If you want to control your Android phone from your PC, then Vysor will fulfill this wish of yours. Vysor is a Google Chrome app which mirrors your Android smartphone screen to your PC. Though the app is in beta mode as of now, you can still use it to mirror your Android screen.


You just need to download Vysor app on Google Chrome from Chrome Store. Now on your Android phone, you need to enable USB debugging mode and plug your device to PC. A small window will open up, mirroring your smartphone screen to your desktop.

4. Sync Chrome tabs to Android smartphone:

Well, this may be helpful if you work on your smartphone as well. Imagine, you are surfing the internet on your desktop, and you have to go out to get something, then this feature will help you in the smooth flow of work.

Just open Chrome on your phone and tap on Settings > Recent Tabs. Here you’ll find tabs from Google Chrome on your desktop. The Google Chrome on your desktop and your smartphone should be signed into the same Google account.

5. Control your PC from your phone:

You can control your PC from your Android smartphone just by installing Chrome Remote Desktop app on your smartphone and desktop. This app will project your desktop on your smartphone so you can control it from there.

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Download Chrome Remote Desktop app for Google Chrome and Android smartphone. Now Launch the app on both devices to control your PC from your smartphone.

These tricks will work on both Windows and Mac. If you own a Chromebook, then these features will work seamlessly compared to a laptop or desktop.