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Five tips to start a travel blog successfully


If you love traveling, you can start a travel blog where you can share your experiences and advice for your audience. While it may seem simple, starting a travel blog requires dedication and hard work.

Here are tips you can use on how to start a travel blog.

  1. Come up with a name

Now that you are decided on the niche since you want to start a travel blog, the next thing is to decide the domain name of your blog. The name is important since it is your brand and how your audience will know the blog. You need to take great care when choosing the domain name since you cannot change it later.


Remember to choose a unique name like sourajit saha that can be understood by everyone and one that is not limiting.

  1. Consider how much you want to spend

You will need to spend money to have a top-notch travel blog that will reach more people and that you can monetize. Some of the costs you will incur include buying a domain name, hosting, paying for themes and plugins.

Since you are just starting, you can spend less and increase your spending as your blog picks up and makes more money. You can use a host that gives discounts. For instance, Hostgator and Bluehost have affiliate links that give discounts.  You can go for free themes and plugins at this point and move to paid ones later on.

Decide how much you are going to spend and for what purpose.

  1. Choose a host

A host keeps your website accessible on the internet to your visitors. Considering the many web hosts, you need to choose a host carefully looking at issues such as uptime, cost, security, and customer service.

Choose an affordable host that will meet your needs and one that you can grow with as your needs change.

Most bloggers use WordPress, and most preferably not the free wordpress.com but wordpress.org. In as much as the free WordPress is enticing, it is limiting and may not allow you to customize or monetize your website the way you want. It is always advisable to use wordpress.org for your website.

If you decide to join the bandwagon, you will be required to install WordPress on your website by your host. Once you do that then you are ready to start blogging.

  1. Fine tune your website

You will definitely need to customize your website once you start blogging. You can do this by choosing plugins and themes that you desire and that are in line with your website.

Create pages on your website such as the about page, contact page and other pages you will need on your website depending on your needs.

  1. Write great content

The way to attract many views is to have great content that is informative and helpful to your readers. Use your unique writing style and let your personality show. You should not try to copy another person’s writing style.

You can optimize your content such that it is found easily when searched on Google and other search engines.