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Five tips to increase your social capital as a business owner

Every business owner understands the need to build and increase their social capital. This is because social capital is the network of relationships related to the business. The more a business has a massive network the higher the chances of success. Any business owner needs to understand the value of increasing social capital. Here are some of the tips that any business can use to increase social capital.

  1. Increase visibility

A business looking to increase its social capital has to find ways to make it more visible. This is making sure that more and more people can find the business online. Increasing visibility can come in a variety way one can be through website branding and venture more in social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. A business owner can check the best site to buy real Instagram followers.

  1. Increase participation

Increasing visibility will not be effective if the business will not increase its participation in the groups and platforms. It is very important that a business becomes very active in engaging in discussion, topics, and debates in these different groups. This will help the business stay relevant and at the same time increase the social capital. Don’t shy away from starting a conversation or a thread on the group or platform, this is as long as it is relevant.

  1. Use Informal setting

In business, many people tend to focus only on the formal and professional setting as a way of increasing social capital. However, the informal setting has proved to be a highly effective way of increasing social capital. This is because there are those networks of people whom you will meet in a less formal setting. A business owner is advised not to disregard the informal setting as they can be a source of long-lasting and valuable business connection.

  1. Get Personal

One of the most effective ways of increasing social capital is by maintaining that personal touch. The social capital and building of a network require one to get personal with through making regular contact. Business can get personal through making phone calls, email, and face to face meeting. The connections which are more personal tend to last much longer and help in expanding the social reach. This is because a business which lacks that personal touch tends to appear distant.

  1. Stay relevant and up to date

The world is rapidly changing and to stay up to date and also make sure that you do not lose your social capital. This means that your connection finds something to look out for you have to stay up to date with the current happening. Look for the things which your connections want to read and relate to. This means that the business has to be dynamic and not static as it will be subject to change. Monitoring what is going on in both the corporate and social world is very important as this will help you stay up to date.

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